The Oscar Pistorius Case

Note: In this article, I want to address elements of concern which I hope will be investigated by private-investigators.

The Oscar Pistorius Case

The Mirror report begins with Justin’s explanation of the timeline of events. Readers should be careful to understand, that what any newspaper or tabloid publishes might be accurate, partially accurate, or maybe fabricated lies.

The same is true of what they quote, supposedly Oscar’s best friend.–Because once an individual goes from being a marginalized person to a famous name, there are no shortages of people who would relish the idea, and exploit “best friend” status.

We’re talking about blood-money, when we get to statements as: “Speaking exclusively to the Sunday People, Justin, 27, said: “It’s all very sad. Oscar called me at 3.55 am saying that Reeva had been shot.” What time did the police receive their call? How much blood-money will this opportunist "best friend" make for this interview alone, much less future articles, talk-shows and books published?

According to this report, Oscar called Justin at 3:55 a.m., and Oscar handed the phone to a neighbour. It does not say whether they were inside or outside the house, and the neighbor is not named.

I’m not sorry for being a skeptic, since there are far too many thousand news-articles published over the past 100 years, where gullible readers believed published reports which are anything but credible. All the reports and news-articles which refer to witnesses as “anonymous” sources, “friend”, “neighbor” or anything other than their “LEGAL NAME”, qualify as propaganda, lies, misinformation or disinformation.

Now there is a neighbour with Oscar, a woman confirming the kill. Three people are in the picture, with some relationship to Reeva Steenkamp’s murder, but the only supsect is Oscar Pistorius??? As I stated in one of my first Facebook posts, something about this situation smells bad.

Justin Divaris introduced Reeva to Oscar, and had known her for quite awhile. Reeva was Justin’s girlfriend’s best friend. I just wonder if maybe Justin was quietly, wanting some way to score Reeva to be his new girlfriend.–Since she was worth money? What is the usual method of solving the problem?–’If I can’t have you, he can’t have you either’.

Seriously, I feel that private-investigators should muscle-in on these potential leads, to a massive investigation they might be failing to include. My dirty-mind just gets to thinking, that maybe if Reeva refused to become Justin’s own new girlfriend, that he would put an end to Oscar’s Valentine surprise? A guy with good cash-flow can afford to pull all kinds of deals to punish "best friends”.

In this Mirror newspaper article, there is something strange about some of their wording to describe the situation. Pamela Owen, the writer, says, “Several hours before the shooting, wealthy neighbours complained…”. There is no hidden meaning in this statement. She is going out of her way to thumb her nose at Oscar, for being well-off and able to live in an affluent neighborhood. Guaranteed, if she was writing about anybody else, she would not have capitalized on “wealthy neighbors” complaints.

Let her dare publish an article about the Rothschilds in her own town, a derogatory one. The hate is as high as the Trade-Center towers were, because in her snobby attitude, Disabled-People are supposed to live in holes. Mainstream society are not supposed to know we exist.–And now it is getting, that if human-beings know we exist, they are supposed to be scared of us. We might be dangerous killers. The following link is an example ofwhat people with disabilities are subjected to regularly:

This article claims that police found a cricket-bat with blood from smashing her skull. –Whereas the police don’t know whether she used it to protect herself, or if she was beaten with it. Statements with words such as: “as police sources reportedly told”, and “one source told the newspaper” do not qualify for a credible, believable account of anything more than lies and opportunist propaganda. Sources who have no name, are not sources.–And anonymous sources don’t count. Realistically, the Mirror reads like a real cheap tabloid.
“Neighbours are believed to have called security guards complaining…” means more unbelievable garbage from the UK. Either the neighbours complained, or they didn’t. Tell me, what kind of drugs is this reporter on?

This article, unrelated to Reeva Steenkamp’s murder, really backs up what my first impression has been about the situation, that there is a strong possibility that Oscar has been framed for somebody else’s murder.

When anyone is arrested and charged with any crime, they are supposed to be presumed innocent, until proven guilty. In this case, from the first news-coverage I came across this on Valentines-Day to now, every news article leaves readers and viewers with an opinion, that he’s guilty. On Friday, even the Judge wanted to throw him into the main prison, so all the hard-ball prisoners could have a little fun.

Since I’m not a lawyer, I’m not sure how the initial proceedings go on the part of the defense attorneys, but even the Judge seemed to think Oscar Pistorius was getting preferential treatment, just for being detained at a local jail until Tuesday’s hearing for bail.

There are claims that he was using anabolic-steroids, and the police allegedly found steroids at his home. The question is, were the drugs there before the police arrived? It has always been pretty common for police to plant whatever they feel will justify hauling-in a suspect, and pressing charges.

One thing I have a hard time believing is the conflict between one claim that Reeva tweeted that she was going to his place, but police were told that neighbors complained of domestic contentions earlier in the evening.–Hello! She was just on her way to surprise Oscar for Valentine-Day.

This last article does give quite a few details about both of them, but one question I have is about the neighbors. Maybe they are wealthy people, but are they the kind of people who always look for something to complain about?–Or were they pretty sociable with Oscar, as much as any other neighbor?

From all the TV news and online sources I’ve been looking at, if he was not staged and it really is a situation where he has been doping, the court will be wrong if they allow the prosecution’s charge of premeditated murder. If substances were in his blood, he is not guilty on the grounds of insanity.
But, if they insist that Reeva was beaten with the bloodied cricket-stick, that might indicate that somebody else might have had an interest in framing Oscar Pistorius.One thing to consider is that the biggest CORPORATIONS have great interests in physically attractive women who can generate mega-billions for their selfish markets. Investigators might consider if there were any contractors who had fallings-out with her. When it comes to corporate-profits and markets, their targets can disappear.–And they never lose any sleep over it.


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