The Real Face of the Right-to-Die Movement

Attention: All Skeptical Readers

One thing I learned the day I went to a senate-committee meeting on euthanasia in 2010, is how hospitable everyone was. Most people are pretty much overcome by such seeming friendliness, from enemy-forces.–But enemy-forces are what they ultimately showed themselves to be, when Wanda Morris treated the (Living With Dignity director) with disrespect and her snobby comments, at a cross-Canada debate.–For the (un)Royal-Societies of Canada.

Anyone who thinks I am extreme in branding the Right-to-Die movement as a terrorist-organization, want everyone to only associate terrorism with bombs, nuclear-warheads and bio-chemical applications.–However, terrorism is not limited to any particular set definition.

After 9/11, I don’t know whether it was only the MUHC in Montreal, or a Quebec law which was passed.–But I was always getting lectures about “verbal-violence”. That’s one law I never will recognize or endorse, and I don’t care what collective-group passed it. When terrorism is allowed to prosper, it is time to expose and terminate its prosperity.

Many of the past lectures I used to receive, were about the emotional and psychological suffering I was causing the workers around me. So, I only think it is fair to attack the Right-to-Die Societies, as being a terrorist-organization. The entire lying propaganda agenda it is covered with, is a clear act of terrorism.

The above links are to a sad case where in India, a family of siblings whose both parents died at separate times, are now homeless. The oldest son is requesting that they all be executed by euthanasia.

What I have noticed since citizen forces failed to shut them down before they got so powerful, and now world-wide, is the fact that their top weapon is fear. They are experts in attacking every population with fear. What is everyone’s instinctive-fear?–Death! The Death-cult especially torture populations with their worst fear, which is to die in excruciating agony. Their weapons of emotional and psychological torture floods a country via the mainstream-media, to tell us what to do.–And how to think.

If enough of the right people learn the history of the Right-to-Die cult, and the link to Operation T-4, these post-Hitler operatives will get the kind of justice they deserve.–For a lesson for future centuries to beware!

In my opinion, every leader of every Right-to-Die chapter has been on trial since April 1,2002. Their statistics are the Judge-and-Jury. They deserve the Death-penalty for the millions of murders they are guilty of, and I disagree with the out-dated attitude about executions. All the carma-doctrine is really a cop-out.

All the Christians who preach that the most unforgivable sin, is to kill another human-being, yet abandon all their worries to vow to fight every war Israel tells them to fight-and-die for, are pathetic. During OBOMBA’s reign, he has had over 100 ADAPT and NOT DEAD YET demonstrators arrested outside the White-House in 2009.–He also had “(no)COMPASSION AND CHOICES educate VA disabled veterans, what their duty will be to Wall-Street when their aging declines are too-expensive.

Since the Duty-to-Die cult is expanding their market so well, there needs to be a bigger flood of school-students with moral-values plan futures in law-school, so the Duty-to-Die de-populaters can never take-over all the seats on the Supreme-Court. Other students with moral-values should flood medical-colleges and nurses’-colleges, to scale-down the number of sleeper-cells already embedded in hospitals and clinics.

Here is my answer to all the complainers and bitchers, that we need to put time-limits on people’s lives because there are more patient waiting-lists, than equpment and other resources to meet the need.:

You have two families in particular to thank for the problem–Rothschilds in England, and Rockefellers in the U.S. Those two families financed and promoted all their agenda to pervert and corrupt governments, public-education, business, entertainment and the healthcare industry. Americans and Canadians didn’t complain about Hollyweird cranking-out 60 years of the porn-industry, and the FCC never objected to flooding the world with it.–So there, you allowed the problem to grow, and you think you deserve a legal-right to just use euthanasia to kill off targetted groups in every country.

You allow the Military and Geo-engineering Corporations to poison the skies day-and-night all year round, and doctors have no idea why diseases are on-the-rise. They are too busy treating patients to have time to learn what the mainstream-media refuses to cover.

In my signature below, one of the links will take you to The Venus Project. Since the Republican-party threw Texas governor, Ron Paul out of the party, and they had the TSA harrass and intimidate his entire family at the airport when they were leaving, there is only one chance I think is left to fix Global problems. Click on the link, and check the website out.


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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