Operation T-4 In New-Zealand


This is my video-response to the UK, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand and any other colonies of the British Terrorist Empire. Since sleeper-cells now exist in all the major university-teaching hospitals, it is time to turn-off your TLC and Discovery-Channel public-relations fronts.

All the lying agenda-driven propaganda and deceitful opinion-polls, are smoke-up-your-asses. All the suckers you can ramp-up to answer your surveys to please the Officers in charge, are mere collateral-damage.


The days of being politically-correct, and being careful about my language–is over. Just read Alex Schadenberg’s blog, and as far as Belgium is concerned, Flanders doesn’t even report up to 50% of their non-consented murders.–They are not considered "humans". Yet, Belgium and Holland is where the Quebec select Senate-Committee went for consultation and encouragement, to legalize euthanasia in Quebec.


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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One Response to Operation T-4 In New-Zealand

  1. john wright says:

    You are doing the right thing. We seem to be drifting right back into the Nazi mentality.

    Amendment 14 of the US Constitution ought to prohibit euthanasia, but people are all too willing to trash the whole thing.

    John R. Wright Author of Legalized Killing:The Darker Side of the Castle laws http://www.cliffs-of-cotter.com


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