Bioethics Re: German Medical Society Apologizes for Nazi-Era Atrocities by Doctors

The way I see things is, that the Holocaust really never ended, for people born with birth-defects. It only slowed down, and from the 1960’s onward, it began to pick-up speed until the 1980’s. Since then, Holland and Belgium were able to brag how well it was going. When Holland legalized euthanasia on April 1,2002, that was a declaration of war against us.

Finally, after withholding most of the presentations from Quebec’s final-report, because most Quebec health-care specialists reject legalized-killing, Quebec and B.C. courts have legalized their killing-machine.

Even now in the U.S. and Canada, we don’t know whether or not unsolicited targets are being used as guinea-pigs or not, before they are murdered. When did the mainstream-media ever report news, related to what Area-51 in Nevada has been doing since WWII?–And also, Plum-Island, off the coast of Manhattan? Oh, nobody has heard of those places???

So my point is, that now B.C. and Quebec demonstrated how easy it is to exploit laws and make policies they want, if citizens are going to allow it, they deserve whatever happens to them. Alot of them have.

On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 2:12 AM, bowlweevils <jamiepolichak> wrote:

We read descriptions of these experiments in my law school seminar on
Human Experimentation & Legal Theory at U of Michigan. Very horrible
things done. And in most cases, there was no reliable scientific data
produced by these atrocities.

But the false veneer of science certainly helped the experimenters and
their assistants reduce their feelings of anxiety and guilt while
working in the death camps.

And while political leaders were indeed giving orders for prisoners to
be killed, it was doctors who stepped up and said "since these people
are going to be killed anyway, why don’t we do some torturous
experiments on them first" and devised and planned the specific
projects. They were also rationalized as useful for the Wehrmacht – our
soldiers are freezing to death in the Soviet Union, so why don’t we
collect data about the stages of freezing to death by forcing prisoners
to be our lab rats?

— In Bioethics, Veracare <veracare@…> wrote:
> Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP)
> Advancing Honest and Ethical Medical Research
> On May 23, 2012, sixty-eight years after the verdict concluding the

> Nuremberg Doctors Trial <> –a
> verdict that includes the Nuremberg Code–the German Medical
> (Bundesarztekammer) has issued a Declaration and apology, at
> acknowledging the culpability of Germany’s medical community under the
> Nazi regime.
> After almost seven decades of silence, the German Medical Association
> has taken responsibility for the atrocities committed by German

> who, were "guilty of scores of human rights" during the Nazi regime:
> "*These crimes were not the actions of individual doctors but involved
> leading members of the medical community…and should be taken as a

> warning for the future… *
> *Outstanding representatives of renowned academic medical and research
> institutions were involved" in organizing and carrying out the mass
> extermination of millions, and participating in barbaric medical
> experiments. Doctors were not forced to participate in the atrocities,
> the statement admitted, but were often enthusiastic supporters and
> Nazi leaders…"

> *
> Indeed, the criminal actions by German physicians predated the
> of Jews to concentration camps and the pseudo-scientific experiments
> concentration camp inmates. German doctors were the key players in
> carrying out eugenics policies, including forced sterilization and
> euthanasia of disabled children, the mentally ill and others deemed
> "unworthy of life."
> The Declaration, unanimously adopted by the delegates of the
> Congress, states that contrary to popular belief doctors were not
> by political authorities to kill and experiment on prisoners but
> engaged in the Holocaust as leaders and enthusiastic Nazi supporters.

> The apology is to the victims both living and dead: *Doctors "remember
> the living and deceased victims and their descendants, and ask them

> forgiveness." *
> In an editorial on MSNBC
> bioethicist, Art Caplan, notes the importance of this long overdue

> "In the history of apologies for crimes and abuses carried out in the
> name of medicine this is the most important ever made. It does
> to soften the horror of the Holocaust but it both ascribes
> responsibility where it belongs and ends any further efforts to deny
> obfuscate what actually happened."
> Read much more…

> <>
> Vera Sharav
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