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The Hospitals’ Potential For Killing-Fields This current case at the Notre-Dame hospital illustrates what I’ve stated different times, that it is very easy to carry out convenient executions in hospitals and long-term care institutions. Now that the euthanasia militants have found a B.C. … Continue reading

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Bioethics Re: German Medical Society Apologizes for Nazi-Era Atrocities by Doctors

The way I see things is, that the Holocaust really never ended, for people born with birth-defects. It only slowed down, and from the 1960’s onward, it began to pick-up speed until the 1980’s. Since then, Holland and Belgium were … Continue reading

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Why Did J & J Suspend Prostate Cancer Drug Trial?

Attention: Vera Sharav "He further informs us that DSMBs "are often recruited by companies themselves, [and] are making decisions “driven by marketing considerations” and the desire to get drugs to market faster and not their obligation to society." Killing … Continue reading

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