Tell Berlin That Slaughtering Wild Pigs is Not the Answer!

Note: Below is my reply to an Animal-Rights petition

The German supposed Jews’ Holocaust started out rounding up disabled children, and stuck them in hospitals, nursing-homes and other "long-term care" concentration camps. The extermination occured for 2 years, before Hitler went after low-income Jews. 3 weeks after Americans rolled into Berlin, extermination of Disabled People finally went into remission.

6 million exterminations consisted of 450,000 Disabled People, 640,000 low-income Jews, and the rest of the 6 million consisted of Arab Gypsies and political dissidents.

Since the 1960’s Holland slowly revived the Disabled People’s Holocaust, which continues to this day. What Hitler failed to finish world-wide with Operation T-4, has become the "Right to Die Societies".

These diabolical parasites have succeeded in persuading western governments to keep most of us incarcerated, and they have just dragged the best EXPERT LIARS from the Netherlands, to convince B.C’s. Supreme-Court to legalize their killing-spree.
Safeguards work well, they boast. They sure do; they protect the serial-killers’ network from being charged, arressted, tried and convicted for all the non-consentual involuntary murders.

All the general-population gets to hear about, is what the media wants the population to think. Meanwhile, those of us affected, and the limited number of lawyers and doctors who are helping to stop it, never get equal-time and space to educate sucker populations.

All that is obvious, is that our Holocaust continues while Belgium’s 2010 statistics arrived recently. Here is the FACTS: 20 selfish % of the executions were those who wanted to die. 20% benefitted from the law their country wanted to kill-off the rest of us.
Current case to legalize mass-killings in Canada:

The Founding Father of Animal-Rights is Peter Singer. He claims his mother was a "Holocaust Survivor", which I consider really, a "Holocaust Opportunist".–Think it over!

He uses his doctrines to escalate the Holocaust against Disabled People, the real targets to this day of the real Holocaust. "Operation T-4" in 1939 merely became the "World Federation of Right-to-Die Societies" slowly beginning in the 1960’s.

While his intellectual poison continues to proselyize the Global-population, the Duty-to-Die network which dominates over the media scares populations to treat these well-funded terrorists as saviours of compassion. Everywhere their best LIARS got laws passed, their "safeguards" do exactly what they wanted, protect serial-killers from being charged, arrested, tried and convicted for all their non-consentual murders. I consider this a higher priority, than animals.–And no, animals do not deserve equal-rights to human-beings. The day they do, they had better be expected to wear clothes, work for a living.–And pay taxes, just like humans.

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Hi Ironsides,

Outside of Berlin’s city limits, up to 10,000 wild pigs live in a deeply forested area. Recently, the animals have begun to wander into the city. Now, the city of Berlin is trying to kill them.

Tell Berlin that killing its wild pigs is not the answer! »

City Hall’s Commissioner of Wildlife, Derk Ehlert, claims that at this point, hunting is the only way to control the population. However, a majority of Berliners are deeply against the hunting plan. Some of them even refer to those killing the pigs as "murderers."

Hunting is an inhumane and completely unnecessary means to an end. It is a shallow approach to a much larger problem and authorities should be dealing with the root cause rather than addressing the symptoms.

Tell Derek Ehlert to leave Berlin’s wild pigs alone!»

kathleen.jpg Thanks for taking action!


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Save Berlin’s Wild Pigs!
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I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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