What the Duty to Die Network Need to Complain About


Since the Duty-to-Die network are determined that they are going to get their law passed to legalize their lucrative killing-spree, all because some of their peers in disguised science networks have feverishly worked since the 1980’s to “geo-engineer” the planet, this is a bioethics issue which should have bioethicists in an outrage.


Why are $billion$ being pumped-out of military and commercial air-craft 365 days a year, since the 1990’s to deliberately lower the population?

At least India had some guts when they were contacted last year, and got their own fighter-jets, and help from Nigeria fighter-jets, who gave the U.S. two terrorists of the skies the option, to land those planes, or get shot down.

If Duty-to-Die supporters and promoters want to tolerate those guys up there destroying everybody’s health, and slowly killing people off painfully, they need to eat their pie painfully.–And stop crying about their “dignity”, autonomy” and everything else.


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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