The Direct Effects of Euthanasia Mental-Conditioning on Long-term Care Institutions

What more can I repeat that I haven’t gone over before? Here is just another event which made it into the news. Does anybody notice, that this is happening at the same time blogs and newspapers, television and radio talk-shows are driving full-throttle, to legalize mass-killings across the country?

Since I upset somebody yesterday, I saved my all-out mouthy yell-it-all rants on twitter, Facebook and elsewhere in turbo-charge. What occurs in these places across the country, and in the U.S. is merely a reflection of the high-priests of DEATH every time they get more air-time, newspaper space and all their advertisements.

This morning a pretty nice PA who has been here for about three years, told me about a former PA who said to say "hi" to me, when she came to work this morning. As soon as she told me her name, my whole f_____g day was wrecked. She couldn’t understand how I would be upset over such a nice friend, who used to work here. This is one advantage administrators of businesses like long-term care institutions have, in rotating workers inconsistently, and everything is highly secretive.

It maintains friendly relations among all staff and administrators, and unless you are the target or an eye-witness to rotten behaviour, everything and everybody is unbelievable, except the well-meaning "caring" "care-givers". LMAO!

They put on a good show of internal investigations, and all the usual b.s., after people exercise their "legal option"–the Ombudsman letter and meeting. They have no legal-clout other than to make recommendations to administration.

As far as I know, nobody here has ever been raped or beat-up, aside from the PA who took a swing at me in 2005. Whether it’s here, or anywhere else I might be, if I ever do learn of physical violence or a rape of a long-term patient, I definitely will take care of business as I have reminded them more than once in the past two years. At least where I am, they try to resolve issues before they get too out of control.

After learning of this case after supper, can Disability-Rights supporters strive to emphasize what adverse effect these DEATH preachers are having on health-care workers?

For all the cry-babies who drown the world mental-health of society with their hunger for legalized killings, do they think that throughout history, that their sufferings were less than today? Who should we admire the most today, after 20-30 years of Death-Cult evangelism?–The people who appreciate the life they have lived, even though it has had high-points, low-points, good and bad times, times they were invincible, and times they were vulnerable, but get through that time called end-of-life?–Or the heros of War Against Life, who are becoming wealthy from all their assassinations, advertised as mercy-killing, and who apply for palliative-care when it is their turn to live what they preach?

Personally, that choke-me-up "Royal Society of Canada" can take their "unanimous decision" back to England, home of the Dark-Ages. I think there should be a move made to shutdown any further euthanasia debates, and permanently close a demented chapter of Canadian history.


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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