Bioethics Re: VOTE NO to legalizing assisted suicide

The first time I landed here was September 3/94. They wanted me to use a ventilator at nights, after they extubated me. One month later, I returned to the farm myself and two roommates rented.

In the religious cult we worked with, the founder believed in euthanasia. So, I was pretty convinced that, when I had another respiratory-failure on the farm, the Sue Rodriguez and Robert Latimer events were front-burner. So I came to the ER to throw in the towel. When I came to the ER, I signed the papers to just die, and get it over with. I refused intubation, and the doctor asked them to put me on the Bi-pap.

When I woke up the next morning, I was still here. After discharge from the ICU, I was sent to Acute-care. They explained that I could not return to the farm, and that I needed to apply for long-term care. The first thing I did was blow-a-fuse. I didn’t even know what was meant by long-term care. I demanded that I needed to check-out and get an apartment. This was in January ’95.

A social-worker, occupational-therapist, doctor and head-nurse arranged a meeting, and explained that to get an apartment and home-care services, would be 3-5 years even for Quebecers.–Then I really went-off! I rubbed-it-in that they boasted how they were shutting down hospitals, to move people into their own homes, and I’m on a 3-5 year waiting-list?

They got me names, phone-numbers and addresses for me to make the Bouchard government’s lives miserable to the bone. Every time I turned around, the government’s priority was the Separatists’ second referendum. I guaranteed everybody I spoke to in government, that they could stick Separatist-Politics you know where, because Disability-Rights is the only priority there is. I rubbed every Separatist’s nose in it, that 1980 was their year for Separatist-Politics, but this year (’95) was Disability-Rights Politics. Even a Separatist on IRC one night, agreed with me, after I flooded the network with my rants against Separatism, and Disability-Rights.

One of the polling-stations was downstairs in this building, and I definitely took my campaign to the voters.–LOL! By July 1/96 I was able to move into an apartment. It was alright for three years, until the hospital unions went on the rampage due to the cutbacks. It affected home-care workers in the private agencies, and in 2000, I had to move back here.–But when I got back to the long-term unit, believe me, the attitudes of most nurses and PA’s had drastically declined, with Bouchard’s cutbacks and more euthanasia warriors on a crusade for Death Without Dignity!

The bottom-line is this:

When you understand that people have always died, and always will, what has changed is attitudes toward end-of-life. Throughout history, living as long as people can, was perceived as a virtue. One paper I read a few years ago was a complaint, by a philosopher in the early 1800’s, that between the 1500’s-1800’s there were fewer and fewer people living well over 100 years old. They were proud of being able to live to 130 years old, the ones who lived that long.

I can’t find the paper I looked for, because now all those papers are moved to servers for pay-to-view.

The people who have turned end-of-life into a bore-and-chore, and a scare-not-dare, are people who are scared of the unknown. If this network of scare-mongers had never flooded newspapers, radio and television with scare-mania about pain, dignity and everything associated with end-of-life, there never would have been a problem. I have been around quite a few people who have died here over the space of eleven years, and the Duty-to-Die marketeers have done nothing productive or constructive.

All the supposed people who wanted to die, had enough favour and clout to get media attention so they could be on-stage demanding legalized Death. My argument is, all those people could have been legally dead, by just terminating medical treatments and stopped eating and taking in fluids. When they were in distress, they qualified for palliative-care which includes morphine.

So, where does the justification come in, for any debate???–Any debate should aim at targeting Monsanto, Global-Pharma and the war-manufacturers for poisoning the food, air and water with all the chemicals which trigger neuromuscular diseases, diabetes, blood-diseases and intolerable pain.

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 3:37 PM, Steve Payette <stevepayette> wrote:

@ironsides Exactly my point! You don’t want someone else deciding what’s right for you just like I don’t want someone else (you) deciding what’s right for me. I’m not asking you to change your position. It’s fine by me that you think one way and others think the other way. I’m actually undecided on the issue, but your turning this into a bitchingfest means that someone undecided on the issue (like me and the silent majority) has a harder time separating my personal distaste for your manner from my feelings towards the actual issue. You’re actually doing more harm to your cause than good by alienating potential allies with your pushiness. You say ‘every euthanasia law is swimming in the same water of propaganda’ but wouldn’t the opposite camp say the same thing about your position?

Perhaps this forum should’ve been called ‘Anti-euthanasia forum’ instead of the neutral term ‘bioethics’ which is the space where both sides should be ‘heard’ (or at least that’s what I assumed when I joined).



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I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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