Reactions to Dr. OZ Program on The Right to Die

Note: For whatever reason, the Dr. OZ show on The Right to Die was not aired tonight. When I checked the local TV-schedule for Montreal, I was sure that it said for CFCF: 2011/11/04. Maybe I mistook which show, but I saw the show on the website the other night. Here is how I feel about it.

Notes on the Dr. OZ Show, The Right to Die:

The first thing which caught my attention is, that the woman stresses her athletic image, as did Sue Rodriguez. She lived a conventional undisabled life, and got married and has grown children.–And all these things and abilities in her life should be a course of events for which she thankful, although having to adjust to her disability.

Unlike many others who are disabled in a split-second from accident or injury, she has had time to adjust to her disabling condition. The people who impressed me the most, are her son, and Dr. Keith.

George and Betty Coumbiases’ rants on the Suicide Tourists documentary a few years ago, were loud and clear in this woman’s complaints, how embarrassing it is that she needs help to do nearly everything now.–And this all leads back to the "Right (?) to Die movement", and their measurement for assisted or forced death, called "quality of life".

Before I go any further, I’m going to say that from everything I have read in mainstream media-coverage of allegedly "right-to-die" cases over the years, the most offensive attribute I sense in the on-stage crusaders, is their life-long contempt for Disabled People, disabled from birth.

I do understand how embarrassing it is, in a state of not being able to do anything for yourself, including clean yourself when you use the toilet, commode or need to wear diapers.–I’ve been there in all three circumstances, and will be again before I do die. Also, I have witnessed patients being yelled-at by well-paid "care-givers", and accused of just making more work, if they dropped a urine-bottle on the floor, or had diarrhea.

What makes me sick to my gut, however, is that Disabled People don’t get center-stage like the Johnny-and-Suzie-come-lately to the Disability Community. Christopher Reeve never could become one of us. Many of these on-stage complainers just have to be better, superior to those of us who were born disabled.

Everything they think about us pertains to inferior genes, but I’ve got a surprise for them.–My birth-defect was not genetic, and I think alot of others are not genetic disabilities, either. Christopher Reeve wanted to be Superman again, and a horse-rider again. He had to have a better quality of life, whatever that is.–And most of these belly-aching right-to-die cases are the same.

Doctor Keith went to correct Montel Williams about Oregon, but it did not seem to be too well received.–Dr. OZ changed course. Dr. Keith emphasized what always has to be repeated, that everyone has the right legally, to refuse medical treatments and nutrients. If they do, then they cannot say they don’t have the right to die.–And there is no justification to legalize the Death cult.

For those who opt for terminating medical treatments and nutrients, their death is in their control. When they refuse medical treatments and nutrients, they receive palliative-care so they do not have to suffer. My wife received palliative-care at the end.–And her pain in her kidneys and respiratory difficulty were properly managed.

Everybody’s biggest fear, is an unwanted end-of-life experience. That is what the Duty-to-Die movement really is all about. They love scare-marketing death, and legalizing their "services" has resulted in more gruesome end-of-life experiences than they want their new victims to know of.

When Dr OZ’s guest got to the part, "people in my condition", I was thinking that most people just want a peace of mind and heart, that when their deaths do come, they won’t suffer.

The mainstream-media does a good job of making celebrities of these people, who come out of nowhere, and are the stage-performers for the Duty-to-Die leadership. They do not speak or represent those of us, disabled from birth, some who live with serious pain and/or inability to do any more for themselves than she can.–And these media-hosted terminally-ill guests are just as corrupt as the Jerry Lewis farce.

Two doctors who should be consulted, in respect to the increasing number of disabling diseases are Dr. Blaylock, and Dr. Mercola. Instead of using shows to scare audiences, and be financially rewarded for psychologically pressuring the population to accept the gospel of euthanasia, the media should educate audiences to learn what Monsanto, and Global-Pharma have done to their victims. These talk-show hosts would accomplish alot more for those guests, by using their shows to force the bio-chemical manufacturers to scale-down the cause of the medical problems.

Instead, the mainstream-media, the FDA, CDC and WHO all enjoy their own lavish life-styles by raking-in huge $$$$$$$$$ to shut-up, and help promote the Duty-to-Die cult increased profits.


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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