Bioethics The in vitro meat question and what are they going to feed carnivorous animals, anyway?

Although there are supposed to be research protocols, and the Nuremburg-Code is supposed to protect human guinea-pigs from involuntary exploitation, as well as reviewed by independent observers, I’ve been learning that a fair number of researchers do what they want, whenever they want to.

I’ve learned that labels on certain food and water products never include ingredients added, which they know would lose customers.–An example is the soft-drink industry! They include a chemical which decreases the ability for women’s eggs to be fertilized by sperm. Obviously, the aim is to slow the population growth.

Since becoming involved with the Venus Project last year, I learned that right now the planet can sustain between 8-40 billion people. Currently, estimates range between 6-7 billion. So, I relate to the need for human beings to lower their interests in having families in the near future, so that the global population will remain sustainable with the CCE (carrying capacity of the Earth).

However, to do this over a period of time, the psychopaths who have been allowed to dominate the department of social-engineering need to move over, and make room for some newer ideas. Jacques Fresco (CEO of the Venus Project) teaches that when people are more educated in areas they need to be, people will be more motivated to explore what interests they have.

Recently mainstream news reports stated that next term tuition fees are going to be raised, in the U.S.. This is the biggest curse and disease the industrialised nations have–MONEY! How can people in school expect to become “educated”?–They’re not! They are being squeezed financially enough, just to make them obedient, submissive human slaves who will never “think outside the box”.–Just follow instructions!

Even Economics professors are not really educating their students in some aspects of how the economy is really run, because they are contracted by Money-Masters. However, in four years, the Venus Project has gone from a small group of engineers and researchers, to half a million and growing public educators.

When enough people understand how a resource-based economy (RBE) will benefit everyone, cure poverty and raise the standard of living for everyone, the world will embrace the new way to live, work and study.

‘Oh, but nobody will work without money’.–That has been the excuse any time somebody thought to give it a try. Down in Libya, under Muammar Gadhaffi, everyone in the country owns their own home, free-of-charge! Health-care and education are free-of-charge!

Last week I posted to the Libyans who read my Facebook posts, that those opposition leaders and rebels are in for a big surprise if NATO does find a way to completely take Libya over. The CIA/MOSSAD who helped organize their war-machine against Gadhaffi, never told them that if the BANK-MOB take over, those rebels will now have to pay for everything. On top of that, they will have to pay TAXES, and INTEREST on their new government’s loans.

Alot of war veterans have learned that all the wars of the past 200 years had nothing to do with “defending the country”, but have only been waged to build the propsperity of the international-bankers and other corporations, including the Military-Industrial Complex.

We do not need a war-machine!–We do not need money, or politicians! Jacques explains to his audiences that politicians never solve problems, and any politicians he ever asked about it were dumb-founded. LOL! He would ask them simple little questions:

How can we get rid of poverty?
How can we put an end to wars?

So, science-engineers and technicians will be the future overseers of the world, and they will never become dictators or tyrants again. The only people who reject the RBE, and the abolition of political leaders and war-machines, are control-freaks. The attitude that some people deserve to force their policies on the majority of the world, is a psychiatric disorder, and it includes the Right-to-Die Societies.

Jacques’ plan for the Military, is to turn them from human killing-machines into problem-solvers, and to help in rescue services.

One reason the profiteers want to start engineering lab-food, is because of their excuse to reduce carbon-emissions and they are running out of land and animals for grazing and breeding. They can thank the mob-bosses who decided to blow-up and flood midwest farmlands for some of that. Just like the homes stolen from the Hurricane-Katrina victims, the farmers will never have their own homes or farms again.

If all these food-processing and genetic-modified foods were known to have no adverse effects for this and the next generation of off-spring, there wouldn’t be a problem. It takes seven years to really know exactly what it is going to do the first consumers.

They have totally violated all research safety laws, and I think every scientist involved should be stripped of their licences to do research. It would send a loud message to future researchers of any project.

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  1. Money says:

    Is it ok if I use part of your article in an article I am writing? I will credit you and link back to your article.

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