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A Needed Penalty System for Abusive Palliative-Care Employees Today, I can safely say that I have witnessed the final straw in patient-abuse. It comes from an ALS patient, who since being transferred to this long-term care unit over three years ago, has experienced alot of low-standard care, … Continue reading

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Bioethics The in vitro meat question and what are they going to feed carnivorous animals, anyway?

Although there are supposed to be research protocols, and the Nuremburg-Code is supposed to protect human guinea-pigs from involuntary exploitation, as well as reviewed by independent observers, I’ve been learning that a fair number of researchers do what they want, … Continue reading

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NATO BOMBS Down-Syndrome Center in Libya

ATTENTION: DISABLED PEOPLE This morning I checked my YouTube channel for the newest subscriptions. Then I came across this, the link at the top. A Down-Syndrome Center caring for 500,000 children was bombed by NATO, as a military target. As … Continue reading

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