Bounced Back From the Dead

The Terri Schiavo Foundation website is one fantastic website, accumulating so many miraculous cases of survival against all odds.

Here is a story covered by Fox News, of a sixty-four old lady in England who suffered a cardiac-arrest. She was intubated, and wasn’t long before the ICU pretty much declared the Futility-Clause, which should have been struck down years ago.

There was a Vietnamese younger guy in this long-term unit, who I remember from the first time I was here between 1995-96. He was trached, on a ventilator and had never recovered from a coma. When I had to move back here in 2000, at one point we were in the same room. I asked a nurse one evening about his situation, and she explained that he had suffered a heart-attack, and never recovered from a coma. He was pretty young in the 1990’s (thirties). She explained that somebody can sustain enough brain damage in four minutes from a heart-attack, that they will never recover.

This man was really well cared for throughout all the time I was aware of him, but finally died.

The point I’m coming to is this:

A nurse stated that permanent brain damage can occur after 4 minutes. From what I understand, if a patient cannot be resucitated within 20 minutes, they are declared clinically dead. Supposedly, if they were to recover after so long deprived of oxygen, they would be permanent vegetables.

Even though this was in yesterday’s news, in a few days most people will know nothing about it, many others won’t remember how long ago it was.–And ICU’s around the UK, US, and Canada won’t want to hear about it. To top-it-off, the DUTY-to-DIE movement will continue to campaign and lobby, the joys of dying with(out) dignity.

One possible strategy to change news coverage of survivor stories is, to pressure the mainstream media and the regulatory agencies in each country, such as the FCC, CRTC and I don’t know what the UK’s agency is, to repeat the coverage of these types of stories on a higher priority during prime-time, when most people listen to the news.–And weeks after it is out of the news, to do a follow-up. I hope somebody agrees, and that some organization will take up the challenge.

Also, I think it is necessary to pressure local and Federal governments in the U.S., UK, and Canada, to demand an overhaul in the general attitude in many ICU’s. The attitude of, ‘recover real quick, because we have your body-bag ready’ stinks.–So does this doctrine, ‘it costs tax-payers too much’. For one thing this "tax-payer" doctrine is a lie! Tax-payers pay absolutely zero for "goods-and-services". Tax-payers only pay interest on the Government’s debts.–And that is well-documented FACT!

If patients are alive and ventilated, but cannot recover after their time runs out in an ICU, instead of just pulling-the-plug, there should be a long-term care facility ready and waiting. Anybody who complains that there will be too many chronic-care patients, should shut-up. Just take a good look at the sky outside. Most of the chronic medical conditions people live with, come from chemical dumps called chemtrails. Along with a mix of ever-changing chemicals, barium, aluminum-oxide and strontium are sprayed throughout the world day and night.

(researcher and film-maker) Michael Murphy

The older pro-life doctors are not going to be around sooner or later.–And there needs to be a better attitude instilled in current medical students, in medical-colleges. Too many Duty-to-Die cult leaders exist in today’s medical-colleges, and they need to be run out of the health-care industry.–That includes the APA (American Psychiatric Association), whose priority is drug profits, regardless of the graveyards filling up.

Alot of scientists have been getting away too much criminal activity, and it you will notice in the video here, their geo-engineering breaches all requirements for legitimate science research.

It is good that the woman covered in this above news item got out of there, alive!–But, how many others are not given enough time to revive? My wife was given a good two hours, and I was so happy to be with her until it was time to take her away.


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I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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