Intellectually Disabled Assaults and Murders

The Death Cult’s mind-control system is to blame for the growing hate and violence against people with disabilities. This afternoon I posted my accusation to Facebook readers, and I’m taking advantage of the recent violence and killing at a time when all the political parties are promising to PUSH for LEGALIZED MURDERS this year. For sure, the Liberals and the Greens will do anything which will make them feel hip and coooooool!–And Bloc-Quebecois will continue to hope that EUTHANASIA will add to their “distinct culture”. LOL!

Legalized killing is from the DARK-AGES, and anybody in the U.S. or Canada who wants to legalize killing, can go home. But I grew up in the FREE-WORLD! I tell people eyeball-to-eyeball, and I don’t care where they came from. In the past few years, foreigners and young Canadian born students have babbled on to me that the third-world can’t afford to keep people alive on life-support. So, they’re being brainwashed in school to think that way.

But that contempt kids are being taught about “VEGETABLES” sticks with them, and eats them away. It affects some people who work in long-term care institutions, when it did not before the government allowed the Duty-to-Die cult to treat legalized killing, as a conversation piece. There has never been action taken against the CRTC for allowing the level of mental-conditioning which television and radio has allowed, which programs people to think it’s alright to go out an hammer some mentally disabled guy on the street, at a park, or a shopping-center.

So, maybe everybody who plans to vote in this and future elections, can apply pressure against the political parties who are in the pocket and bank accounts of the euthanasia lobby. They could also make complaints against the CRTC for promoting mental-conditioning which targets groups for hate speech and violence.


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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5 Responses to Intellectually Disabled Assaults and Murders

  1. I was taking the position of the pro-euthanasia people when I wrote that, to contrast with what I actually believe. I do not advocate abortions or the euthanasia of disabled or aged humans — not even people who are vegetative, because some have recovered; nor do I believe in allowing outright murders that are excused as “self-defense.” All of these are willful homicides, and they have the mentality of the Third Reich’s Holocaust, perpetrated against Jews and others deemed unfit to live. The same mindset existed during the communist purges of Russia and China.

  2. The Terri Schaivo case looks like an outright murder, and I was among those who opposed her deliberate killing. It was brutal. I don’t agree with human euthanasia (for medical reasons) in any case. When I wrote “…may sound good on paper…” I was taking the position of those individuals who are pro-euthanasia, for the sake of my argument against what they propose. Human euthanasia leads us into the same mindset that caused the nazi holocaust and the purges in communist countries. There is indeed a death culture lurking out there. Maybe we didn’t learn anything from the WWII era and the holocausts that followed.


  3. You are right to take that position, and the same ugly beast is looking for an inroad here in America. Human euthanasia parallels two other kinds of legalized killing, and all three are potentially “convenience” homicides. We should take a warning from what we already know about abortions and the self-defense laws of certain American states such as Florida and Oklahoma.

    Are most abortions carried out to protect a mother’s life because she has a medical condition and might not survive childbirth, or are they done because a child’s birth would create an inconvenience for the mother and others affected? The answer is obvious.

    Similarly, the self-defense laws of the American states that follow the Castle Doctrine supposedly “protect” citizens from prosecution and lawsuit if they merely claim they killed someone in self-defense. A “presumption of innocence” is written into these laws. But there are numerous documented cases where the laws were applied when a shoot or die situation did not actually exist or even when there were obvious motives (see a new book, Legalized Killing: The Darker Side of the Castle Laws). A law of this kind is certainly convenient for the the one who gets away with murder or manslaughter. And from the point of view of a District Attorney, the disposition of a case is even easier than plea bargaining. But just ask the convicts over in cell-block five; most of them can give you a perfectly good reason for having to kill someone, and “I did it in self-defense” or “It was an accident” are the most common excuses you will hear from them.

    The euthanasia of a hopelessly vegetative person may sound good on paper, and it is certainly convenient for everyone; medical costs ought to decline dramatically. But don’t overlook the temptation to include a few fully sentient individuals in the queue: “Well, she’s 91, can’t walk and is costing Medicaid a mint…” or “These people will bankrupt the Medicare system.” If that’s where the euthanasia activist wants to go, good luck. But he or she should be aware that it is possible to become a victim someday.

    • ironsidesx says:

      Thankyou for your response, and for reading my blog.

      “The euthanasia of

      a hopelessly vegetative person

      may sound good on paper, and it is certainly convenient for everyone; medical costs ought to decline dramatically.”

      There is something I would like to mention about what you said, and hope you will understand. Many Disabled People read these blogs, and it is definitely sensitive to many Disabled People, and coma survivors, to read phrases and/or comments with terms such as in this quote.

      You might be familiar with the Terri Schaivo case, which ended during Easter 2005, the 13 day dehydration torture and execution. Terri was a healthy, happy lady until the night she stayed home to demand a divorce. You can read her entire story on the link above.

      Another point I want to make concerns abortion. Sad to say, even within the Disability-Rights movement where the maximum unity is needed against

      legalized killing

      various Disabled People and lawyers agree with abortion. The last time I tried to stress that a fetus is a real unborn baby, was in a bioethics post pertaining to euthanasia of disabled unborn babies.

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