The Misdiagnosis Between Compassion and Hate


The bottom line is, that he looks like an average everyday American.—However, like countless thousands of others, he survived a car accident, which nearly killed him at three years old. He is 27 years old, and everything he would have liked to do has been withheld from him.—Why?

“I have no friends. I have no education. No education prospects. No job prospects. I have no love prospects,” he said. “All I want is to no longer live like this.”

MONEY!—The entire outdated MONETARY-BASED economic system is the CURSE of what ten years ago, was partied-in as the New Millennium. There is nothing new about it, and it is driving all of us backwards into the Dark-Ages.

Dan Crews should hold-off on his ideas, and whoever put him on anti-depressants is a piece of work, themselves. He’ll never be able to think positively under mind-control weapons. Somebody should get him online, and he could become a criminal lawyer. Why didn’t somebody get all that stuff set up ten years ago, when he was finishing high-school? He can take any courses necessary, online.—And he can video-conference to work with other lawyers, and even communicate with his clients via phone and the Net.

The only reason I was not able to upgrade my level of education after I connected with this Bioethics group in 2001, was because I was having to adjust to my decline, and was recovering from a respiratory-failure. However, Dan is not in a declining stage of his life; he is just bored-to-death, going through the same old grind. When I was his age, I was always on the move and working in Mexico, Australia and New-Zealand, and southern U.S.

There is no reason he shouldn’t be able to:

  • have friends
  • university education
  • high-paying job
  • girlfriend

I don’t think any of us want to live this way, but a lot of us with different disabilities share the same overall social conditions. I’m living in a long-term care facility for people with COPD (chronic obstructionary pulmonary disease). Since my wife died in 2006, and I have recovered from a near fatal treatment three months later, people who work here like me to know that real friendship relationships outside of work between  “patients and staff” are off-limits.

The above links are to a grassroots movement of people who are working world-wide to eliminate the outdated monetary-based economic system. When enough people understand how money-free, politician-free and religion-free society will function, problems will be solved. The Zeitgeist Movement is the population of members, working together to educate everyone on how the resource-based system works, in relation to the population.

With proper education, not just for expensive organized gangs of the world’s elite class, everyone in the world will have the unrestricted ability to learn anything and everything they want. Everybody will be able to live anywhere in the world that they want to, without borders, passports and gun-slingers.

In a really FREE-SOCIETY, everybody will be equal. Nobody will have authority of any kind over anyone, or any groups. Everyone will work together doing whatever they like to do. Poverty will be resolved in the third-world, and everyone’s living standards will improve. The need to PAY, BUY, RENT, STEAL, BRIBE, DESTROY and KILL will come to an end.—Because there will be nothing gained from it. BANKS and their GOVERNMENTS won’t be able to buy high-priced hit-men teams to man-the-guns, drop-the-bombs and fire the nukes.—Because nobody needs the MONEY anymore to buy their food and pay any bills.

The Venus Project really needs scientists in every field, city-designers, architectural-engineers of every kind and social-engineers, who will work together to change the way people think. It is going on right now, and has been ongoing since the 1960’s under Jacques Fresco. Millions of people world-wide are jumping onboard with the project, and for now people need to maintain the jobs and sources of income they have, until the world is ready to abandon MONEY.

MONEY has been the WEAPON to CONTROL the world populations for over 3500 years, and without money, PSYCHOPATHS will not have power to COMMAND the war-machine. Since Ancient Egypt, tyrants used governments and religions to be governments over populations. Due to some of the Zeitgeist’s philosophies, this is a stage they will have to go through themselves.

Restricting religion and any kind of legal and/or political authority will make peace workable on a global level, and when I get a chance I will write them about certain aspects which are not possible under certain  circumstances. We need to move the world away from a continual future of violence and forcing religious, theological and political views on others. People will always believe what they learn from when they are born.

This is why we must strive for a new future for the planet’s preservation, and resolve the problems which BANK-MOBS, POLITICIANS, and RELIGIOUS DICTATORS who include ATHEIST DICTATORS have made.

The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement is not a religious cult.—And they will have to understand that many people will always believe in God, and that their spins on history is no better than anybody else’s. Human beings will not change how they think or feel, unless they learn how they were wrong about something. For the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project to work, people will have to respect what people believe, but not obligated to it.

What will improve is unrestricted public education, and everybody will be free to invent, create, build, teach and anything they want to do which is not hurtful to others. The biggest questions of curiosity people wonder about, is buying, selling, rent and all the future of getting along without all such political stupidity. Tens of millions of people will no longer be slaves to the minority of SLAVE-DRIVERS, and it will make life more enjoyable for everyone.

There are no shortage of people tell all of us that it will never happen.—Well, two years ago I searched for local members in Montreal. One McGill professor got back to me, and within a couple of months he linked his group of nine, with another group of twenty. They met a few times in one guy’s upstairs apartment, which I could not attend. Then in September, this year Jacques Fresco and his assistant, Roxanne Meadows came to Concordia University.

While people were filling the theater, Roxanne told me that this might be the biggest attendance they have had yet. I looked around, and said “well, you’ve just got a full-house today”! So, from 30-500 new members in 1 meeting, it’s not going to go away.

It is obvious that the Duty-to-Die cult are trying to get rid of as many Disabled People as possible, by exploiting their living conditions so their business of killing will continue to grow. For the bureaucrats who like to capitalize on the health-care costs, just tell them to lower-the-price-tags, and to enjoy the things which their own shrinking stocks will enjoy. LOL!



About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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