Pharma researchers working on drug to erase your memories

There is not much explanation needed for this article. However, I really do think that it would be effective for massive demonstrations against this particular research group. Whoever the lead researcher might be pretty good at cloaking their newest bio-weapon, with therapeutic applications for mental-health.–But I don’t need to be the brightest kid-on-the-block, to smell new terrorist activities to be unleashed on anyone who thinks out-of-the-box!

For people with intellectual disabilities, this would enable the CIA to conduct more activities like they did at Alan Memorial Hospital in Montreal, Quebec during the 1960’s. I really hope that Disabled People’s groups will get outraged by this, and get vocal on the phones and letters to your elected officials and the newspapers.–Terrorism is Terrorism!


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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