Boasting How Prevalent Euthanasia is Practiced and Ignored

After listening to the senate committee hearings on Dying Without Dignity, not only was Yves Robert proud to proclaim that euthanasia is being practiced when it is not legalized, legislators themselves are open about how widely it has been practiced.

These voices are especially enticing the population to believe that, if they can get enough public support to legislate some kind of regulation and oversight, that those who are getting away with intentional killing of patients can be prosecuted.–This is just another LIE! I know that there are a few people with good intentions with this cognitive direction, but the lucrative lobby who are driving this euthanasia cult are laughing over it.

They have lost every conceivable argument in Canada all these years, because Canada used to be the leader of the world in standing up to say, "NO"!–Loud and proud!–They confess after twenty years of conning and bribing law-enforcement provincial authorities across Canada, that in nearly every case since Robert Latimer’s conviction and sentencing, other murders were light or suspended sentences.

The recent case of Kulendran (Joshua) Mayandy is an example of where law-enforcement was literally an accomplice to his murder. I nearly passed over this case because he was not a Canadian citizen. But when I got Alex on the phone with a few questions, I could not let this go by.

Unfortunately, I had mail problems with the server at his hospital and the provincial board. Everybody but them got a copy of my letter to the hospital. The day after they received my letter, I learned that they permitted a nurse from his church to feed him by mouth. Maybe what was in my letter scared them a little. I warned them very good that this is Canada, and we are not going to allow Muslims to use the ICU’s and acute-care to carry out ethnic cleansing.

What I learned was that he was from Sri-Lanka, a converted Muslim. Muslims feel favor with God, if they murder Christians, and especially any Muslims who become Christians.

With these hearings going on in Quebec, I think I finally have an answer to their boasting about how widely practiced euthanasia has been going on. They think that it’s now the sure winner, to bring the Criminal-Code in-line with what is being practiced. That is as intelligent as alot of us non-smokers organizing across the country, loading up with machine-guns and plenty of belts of ammo’ to start cuttin’ down every smoker in-sight!

We don’t need public support, because we are the support. If there was a lack of public support for non-smokers’ putting smokers out of their misery, we would have to put them down, too. Then we could have public hearings, and encourage law-makers to realign the Criminal-Code with COPD non-smokers’ practices.–Nobody should object to that, should they???

If people see anything wrong with this direction, I see alot wrong with being accomplices to murder, which law-enforcement has been in every case of light or suspended sentences. The Canadian national and provincial governments need to stop bowing to these wanna-be God medical terrorists! They need to STOP allowing law-enforcement departments and agencies to refuse to enforce the Criminal-Code!

We need to remove the accomplicies to the executioners inside the law-enforcement agencies, and they need to be replaced by people who will not cater to the World-wide Federation of Duty-to-Die psychiatric patients. Dying of old-age is a virtue which needs to be restored in this country. I think we need to prosecute lawyers, judges and anybody else in law-enforcement circles who have been willing accomplicies to the murders they are responsible for.

On the end-of-life topic, I understand that if someone is over 90, and has had chronic health problems for quite a few years, that maybe intubation or a tracheosectomy is not a high priority. On the flip-side, if the person is even more than a hundred years old who has been in good health most of the time for their age, if they require intubation temporarily, ICU’s should not be pressuring such patients or their families to say, "good-bye"!

What I hear about the technology side of this, makes me sick. The department of Trans-humanism is not the least bit interested in hearing about dying of old-age, and over-population of the world. They are trying to escape the death process by replacing ever limb and organ of their body with robotic and electronic parts!–Nobody complains about it. But the Duty-to-Die movement scare everybody they can, that technology is keeping too many of us alive too long.

Do you really want to know what the biggest problem is?–The Right-to-Die movement has been kept alive too long! Let’s kill-it! All they have done is poison the world with fear. Alot of us endure pain, as much pain as the sickening belly-achers. The only difference, is the attitude. The most miserable, pathetic losers in the Duty-to-Die movement are the Christian-bashers!–Belly-aching that Canadian laws are too religious, too old and outdated.

Yesterday I was listening online, and I appreciate and support his explanation that for doctors to end someone’s life on request or terminal illness, that person’s soul might be weighing in the balance of his destination, when he dies. As he spoke to the committee, it brought up a point I have wanted to make for years.

These big-shot scientists who boast how small God becomes when science discoveries become so big, are so full-of-crap! Probably biologists will be able soon to actually make a real human body. I believe they realistically will. Our bodies are only composed of the minerals in the dust of the ground. They are so funny! I watched the big-bang machine they got to fire-up after it was repaired from the first catastrophe. They were toasting champaigne and wine with one another on Global-television.

What scientists will never be able to create, is a soul.–A human soul! Somebody might be a smart-ass and challenge me, what about Dolly the sheep?–Yeah, they cloned a body.–And that was all they cloned. Creating human beings is God’s job, and the only inhabitants scientists will ever succeed in puting inside a human body, are demons.


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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