Dying Without Dignity

Attention: Linda Couture and Alex Schadenberg
Sometimes I am really slow at getting to things, but while reading through the Select Committee document on the current hearings on Dying Without Dignity, I wrote down my opinions as I read it.

Below are my notes on the Select Committee
Dying Without Dignity:

“What is our society’s answer to the suffering experienced by some people at the end of life or with a degenerative illness?”

Answer: If “society” had answers to anything related to the suffering, they would have prevented dangerous private corporations including:
1. International-Bankers
2. Military-industrial Complex
3. Global-Pharmacological industry

from taking over the governments, to create poverty and laboratory-engineered diseases.

Society would have prosecuted social-sciences professors who generate eugenics paranoia, for the wilfull promotion of hate propaganda and de-population. They would have prosecuted Margaret Sanger, Derek Humphrey, Phillip Neitzhke, Peter Singer, Robert Latimer and Svend Robinson for reviving the Holocaust. If “society” had any answers to anything, they would have forced the governments to STOP surrendering to the International-Bankers and Global mob-boss organizations they built, to force social and monetary polices on every government! They would have forced the shutdown of Monsanto and the FDA, for price-fixing the most over-processed foods at the lowest prices to make the population sick, and dependent on drugs.

Asking “society” for answers is as stupid as asking a child who never has gone to school yet, to calculate the estimated monthly expenses for his family in advance. Who exactly is driving these pollsters, to put out questions which will optimize the results the euthanasia movement wants? Who is driving these hearings?–And who is driving for debates? When society has no clue to who, what, why, where and when the lab-engineered diseases come from, they sure did not know how to drive these polls, paranoia and killing-machine!

Why do the euthanasia-drivers never educate society, that every euthanasia/assisted-suicide bill ever pushed into LAW, was built on “SAFEGUARDS AGAINST the SLIPPERY SLOPE of EUTHANASIA”? Why do they not want the general population to understand, that every law which was passed, soon resulted in conveniently forgetting half the requirements of the law?–And consistently, all those laws which were built on “SAFEGUARDS”, result in half the executions without consent? Why do these compassionate officers of euthanasia not want the public to know that the only purpose for a law, is because during the legalized killing-sprees, the family members of victims don’t have the financial resources to prosecute the killers?–Last but not least, why are they afraid for the public to learn that many assisted-suicides have resulted in failure, which causes some customers to die delayed and agonizing deaths? At least some died several days later, and the So-called Right-to-Die movement feels no guilt whatsoever.

“…we are happy to take up this challenge along with all Quebecers who decide to join us in reflecting on how we can ensure everyone may die with dignity.”

Answer: After the laws are passed, nobody “dies with dignity”! The LAW ONLY PROMOTES the DIGNITY of LEGALIZED SERIAL-KILLERS, to escape prosecution because killing is now LAW!
“Some believe that our attitudes toward death have changed in recent decades.”

Answer: The attitudes toward death have not changed. People are still naturally scared to die extremely gruesome deaths, such as Terri Schiavo’s Easter prolonged ritualistic torture and execution in 2005. They are sucked into believing the EXPERT LIARS of the euthanasia militants, that their killings/assisted-suicides are the way to “die with dignity”. If however, the public learned how gruesome alot of their killings/suicides have been (some customers dying a delayed agonizing death), there would be a public uproar to round the social parasites up.

“…dying older can mean having illnesses that gradually lead to a loss of autonomy and poor quality of life. Aging can lead to profound solitude, both physical and emotional, which also is a major obstacle to quality of life. We should also remember that death, serious illnesses (cancer, degenerative illnesses), and certain physical disabilities also affect infants, children, young adults, and parents in the prime of life.”

Answer: This is a lie! Centurions who live well over 100 years old are declining over the past 300 years, and it is only simple understanding that aging brings about declining autonomy. There are no shortage of people needing jobs, and would be happy to work as assistants, if they were only respected with decent salaries so they can have a decent standard of living, themselves.–So, shut-up about blaming old-age for loss of autonomy, and “poor quality-of-life”! Another lie is blaming “aging” for physical and emotional solitude. The isolation is caused by unelected dictators’ policies and monetary control, to dehumanize targeted sectors of the population.–And to sucker-up to legalizing euthanasia under any name they want to give it, as the ideal solution.

Elected officials we vote for, regardless of what political parties, are not the people who run our governments. The international-bankers are the private corporation mob-bosses who force governments to adopt their social and economic policies. Our governments are to blame for letting private corporations run the government, to force poverty, disease-creation, slavery and oppression of the voters. They cater to commerce-laws, to the conflict against civil-laws and Human-Rights!

“Therapeutic obstinacy”:

If it were not for stubborn doctors of death, who like their power-trip with the “Futility-Clause”, an example being the Winnipeg case 2007-8 with Samuel Golobochuk it would be easier for patients and their P.O.A’s. (power-of-attorney) to make intelligent decisions in an agreeable manner. Doctors in his case were absolutely self-serving for power they don’t deserve. His situation demonstrated why I think the Futility-Clause should be struck-down as unconstitutional! If patients want to die naturally, and doctors refuse to treat patients, they should at least be allowed minimal fluids and sedation.

Age, disability, ethnic or financial status should have nothing to do with “dying with dignity”! If people with disabilities from birth, or which develop from accident, war-injuries, etc. require medical devices, equipment and means of life-support like Stephen Hawking, to live their lives, that is different than people who as they get older, begin to need multiple life-support systems and extra care-givers to get older.

I find that extremely selfish, fearful and unrealistic with their body’s limits.–However, this is exactly what the Transhumanist movement is doing. Transhumanists seem to believe that they are so important to the planet, that they have a right to replace every body-part and organ, so they can escape the dying process. As far as I’m concerned, people with these attitudes need to be brought down from their lofty thrones.

Two nights ago, an RT (respiratory-tecnician) shared with me that she sees the need for a law, because some patients who are in bad health in their 90’s demand complicated surgeries they need, when they barely are alive now. She said that there are alot of situations like that. I told her that even so, a law is not the solution; proper education of these patients is! On the other hand, if someone in their 90’s is in better than average good health, and they could handle the surgery, I think they should be allowed to get needed surgeries.

A patient aged 87 just died in my room at lunch time, and his wife is in very good health. She is the same age as her husband, and she does need surgery herself.–And this remarkable woman definitely deserves to have surgery! She came every morning on public-transit, and arrived by 7:00 am. She came here, and took care of him, and only regrets that the nurses and assistants could not help more. The care-givers have approximately 20 patients, with a limited number of nurses and support-staff.

We need to stop this stupidity with pollsters, and put the entire euthanasia movement in prison. The only law we need, is a law to block any future surveys, pollsters and lying Duty-to-Die propaganda masters!

“In residential and long term care centers, the number of palliative care beds is insufficient. Palliative care hospices that receive sick people in terminal phase, particularly those suffering from cancer, are few in number and are unable to meet the population’s needs.”

Answer: Many diseases we have today, newer diseases being discovered including newer cancers are the direct cause of the food, water, chemicals we consume, and technologies being deployed under the law-enforcement lie of non-lethal weapons. The governments cater to building wealthy lifestyles for the Global-Pharma mob-bosses. Out of the 80,000 chemicals which are marketed, approximately only 280 have passed safety standards by the EPA and FDA. Added to this, the lucrative market for law-enforcement using deadly tools such as electric guns (tazers) and radio-wave equipment for body scans and vehicle scanning. It doesn’t matter if these technologies are killing people on the spot, or delayed dying processes.

When the government kow-tows to the corproate elite, and betrays its citizens by giving monetary-management to private bankers, that is why resources cannot be reorganized to meet the needs of the population, including the health-care system. They have allowed the U.S. to run annual job fares up here, and drive away with Canadian nurses they pay big-$buck$.

Another problem is due to the overloads at ER’s, because the population is so accustomed to turning up there, as if everything is an emergency. I can assure you, the only times I have landed at an ER, was when I had internal bleeding or a respiratory-failure. This dependence of many people to treat every little cut, ingrown toenail, ache or pain as a life-and-death emergency is one reason nurses can’t be freed up for necessary palliative-care.

Palliative sedation:

I had a roommate next to me for a year-and-a-half, who was brought from the Montreal Neurological-Institute. He is the ultimate example of a patient, who was in the most extreme physical pain 24/7. I don’t know when, why or how he got into that condition. He, himself was not born that way, but used to live a normal life. When he would wake up any time of day or night, his yell for help was so loud that it hurt my eardrums.–I am serious!

At the time, I was in serious condition after a drug destroyed my lung-function. I was fighting to breathe 24/7 and oxygen dependent. I had no energy to go running for help for this guy, or stay away from the room for a few hours. As I learned his routine over two or three days, I talked to him. I asked him to let me ring the bell if they ignored his, but to not yell so loud. Over the course of a week, he was starting to be easier on the volume of his voice, until somebody came. As time went by, doctors were learning to give him more relief. During the time he was in my room, although all the time he was awake the pain was extreme, when he received his meds, he could rest for three to four hours.

In spite of his intense suffering, he was not a man who wanted an execution. He wanted to be healed, and wanted doctors to find a cure of his problem, but they did not seem to even know what it was. When his condition tended to get worse, his abrupt yells in the middle of the night led to him being isolated in a room alone, with the door closed. One time, when I was feeling good enough to go and see him, when he saw me he freaked-out. He took my hand, and he held it for a long time until I had to leave.

A few months later, when I went down to see him, his nurse and assistants were just taking care of him. When they finished, I went in a few minutes later, but he was already asleep. Two days later, a code-blue was called for his room. After I got a meeting to ask questions, I learned that he was doing so much better that they were about to move him back to my room.–However, his death was an obvious accident.

My friend was receiving palliative sedation toward the end, and when I consider the amount of time we were together in this hospital, I really agree with palliative sedation in only the most extreme cases of physical pain. I think whoever invented the terms, “mental pain” and “emotional pain” should have their asses kicked higher than the WTC! All the shrinks who have turned psychiatry into a mega-billion dollar empire need to lose their licences, and be charged, tried and convicted without light or suspended sentences. Alot of strung-out psychiatric patients need real psychiatrists, who will wean most patients off their meds and work with them on cognitive value of life. Why there is so much mental chaos, is because Globalist mob-bosses are big cry-babies!

The only ones to benefit from Globalization, are the pompous elite.–It sure is not the poor third-world of Africa, India or China! All the Global-sucks have done is reduce Canada to third-world status. Canada used to be number-one in the world of health-care, but the Global cry-babies took it all away. The government needs to cut the profits of the too-big-to-win Global Pharma mob-bosses, and drastically drop the prices of necessary drugs and other health-care needs. It’s time Canadians demand elected officials to ignore the CEO’s, all their crap that they always deserve more raises and bonuses for their boards-of-directors, because they create jobs.–Bull-shit! All they do is dump their employee-base, and keep all the extra salaries for a job well-done, the first chance they get.

Terminal sedation:

When someone has cancer and they supposedly have a week to live, I think that terminal sedation is wrong. A sweet woman with lung-cancer was on the waiting list for a lung-transplant here, but she had over another year to wait. She was on oxygen, and had a husband and children. She was happy, active and walked around with a walker. She had no interest in euthanasia/assisted-suicide, and was always involved with others. On a weekend morning at breakfast time, her lungs popped and her death was too fast for her to be saved. The government needs to stop the Duty-to-Die dictators from getting away with scare-tactics and lies, to trick the uninformed public into supporting their law.

In Terri Schiavo’s case, after the terrorists got a law passed about feeding-tubes, when her family fought against them killing her, the terrorists played the game of “keep the government out of it; it’s a private family matter”!–So, there you go. It is between the patient and doctor. The Quebec government does not have a right to interfere with private matters, between patients and their doctors.

“According to those who advocate legalization, a legal framework for euthanasia and assisted suicide would prevent illegal practices and the risk of abuse.”

This is one lie pumped-up by Yves Robert, supposed big-shot of the medical-college. None of the laws have prevented anything, and they all used the same lies to sucker public support. These dictators are so power-drunk, that the woman in Holland responsible for their law published a report on her regret, for ever submitting a bill on euthanasia.

“Moreover, given that the court sentences handed down in cases of euthanasia and assisted suicide are often light if not symbolic, amending the legislation would align laws more closely with the reality of legal practice.”

Answer: Amending legislation is going the wrong direction. Current legal practice is a farce, and a good example still being fought for years, is the Barbara Farlow case, in Ontario. It is time to enforce the laws, not cater to malfunctioning courts and procedures! There needs to be a restored value of human life, and “quality-of-life” is really all about money.

If running the Canadian and provincial economies was removed from self-serving private-corporate International Bankers, elected officials in our governments could reorganize and reclaim control of the Bank of Canada. Then a better economy could be restored to how the system worked before 1974. Then, researchers could be pressured to turn out cures for medical conditions, especially the diseases created for the Military-Industrial Complex to poison their own populations.

Most of the supporters of legalized euthanasia just happen to be people who deliberately enjoyed self-abuse by living on unhealthy diets, smoking and living dangerously. So, no they don’t deserve to threaten the rest of us, with legalizing their executions/suicides.–They need to get over it!

“They ask why euthanasia and assisted suicide should be criminalized while cessation and refusal of treatment is accepted even though it could lead to death.”

Answer: It never was criminalized before Hitler was used by the Rothschilds to carry it out in Operation T-4! So, what was good for Germany and Poland, is good for the world. If now you say euthanasia is good for the world, then you are double-standard hypocrites. Who bellyaches that there are not enough workers for hospitals and palliative-care units and hospices?–The same generation who forced Baby-Boomers to not have kids! The scare-mongers claim that the world is over-populated, and at the same time they cry that there are not enough younger generation to take care of senior citizens. LOL!

“Healthcare workers show a degree of openness to euthanasia, but are much more reserved with regard to assisted suicide.”

Answer: Yeah, I know about that one very well.–From experience! Especially for long-term care patients who live with chronic-conditions, workers can arrange any number of convenient accidents to help finish somebody off. In 2008 I was in two ICU’s over a five week period. Twice I would have died of a heart-attack, because a nurse he wanted me to know it was not up to me, when I needed to talk to the doctor. At the other ICU, due to a trache, one evening I was refused any water all night because it had to be a written order by a doctor. By the next morning, I was bleeding from my stomach, and from my lungs.–But like alot of things, nobody noticed anything, so it wasn’t reported!

Palliative-care for dying people is more important, than trying to invent new ways to FORCE LEGALIZED-KILLINGS! Everywhere the laws are passed, only the executioners benefit. In long-term care institutions, alot of contempt builds up between nurses, their assisstants and patients.–So, yeah, I can really understand the benefits of legalizing euthanasia for the benefit of abusive, self-centered workers.

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About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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