Re: revue de presse des auditions de Québec Mourir dans la Dignité

Attention: Linda Couture
Below are my reactions to the list of articles I received this morning. I’m still studying other materials and taking notes, before I come to the next meetings back in Montreal. There might be translation glitches between French and English, which slow me down, trying to fully understand what is said originally in French while I’m taking notes. For the most part, though, I think the Internet Explorer translator tool is really good.
"No way, says the Law Society to recognize a right to euthanasia on request. The organization establishes a set of tags , including decision-making autonomy of the candidates, who will be major, capable , knowledgeable , are not suffering from mental illness (eg severe depression ) that could induce their request. People become incapacitated , but who explicitly stated their request before, could also be used also (to?) apply to persons whose death is predictable , but that their sufferings are constants , and also for the terminally ill , whose life is not threatened, but whose physical or mental suffering are constants and intolerable."
What a two-faced, tongue-twisting mind-control technique! One sentence tries to characterize their reassurance that they are against "euthanasia on request". Two sentences and quite a few words later, we come to this re-connect attempt to get their KILL-BILL passed.–"but that their sufferings are constants , and also for the terminally ill , whose life is not threatened, but whose physical or mental suffering are constants and intolerable."
Reject this psychopath cognitive behaviour, that chronic physical or mental sufferings are justified to legalize a KILL-BILL. Serial-killers need to be cleaned out of the Medical-Colleges right across Canada. We need doctors, and doctors never needed laws for killing under convenient diagnoses. Doctors need training, so they can return to pain-management. Serial-killers need their licences confiscated, and to do prison terms for conspiracy to commit mass genocide.
"Currently , Mr. Menard said , we know that euthanasia is practiced , but in a clandestine manner . "Who ? How " we do not know. To those who invoke the " excesses " seen where the law permits such acts, he opposes it "knows that there is slippage because there are rules. " It can thus act, which is not currently possible , "he said ."
While Mr. Menard, like Yves Robert ramble on how euthanasia has been ongoing undercover, they claim to not know exactly who, or even how. These high-priests of Death are so funny. They either know specific names, or they are just generating false-flags to SCARE everybody to support a LAW to KILL.
This statement by Menard is just the latest LIE to everyone, that ‘Our safeguards will work’!–They can play their safeguard game with any play of words they want. But Dr. Ironsides will pick their brains apart, and remind everybody that every law they passed everywhere, were built on "SAFEGUARDS AGAINST THE SLIPPERY-SLOPE OF EUTHANASIA".
After EVERY LAW they got passed, when UN-SOLICITED EXECUTIONS began, half the requirements are soon forgotten. HALF the executions are non-consentual, and a percentage of the executions are UNREPORTED.
"While people with intellectual disabilities are living longer and older , the need for end of life adapted to their condition is greater. Ms. Bourgeois and his group have expressed concern that in an era where the demand for care is growing , people like her, who are already struggling to receive needed services in their daily lives , are a bit stranded when where their life ends and receive lower quality care ."
I disagree with this attitude, because anyone with intellectual disabilities needs to stop being targeted as a greater expense to tax-payers. This only promotes hate, and an excuse to play with their minds to trick them into thinking they need to get out of the way.
"This is not true , "said the president , one nurse per 200 patients at night in a hospital long term , can provide a worthy accompaniment of the dying. Nor, moreover , that in a corridor of the emergency."
If they really have hospitals with a ratio of 1 nurse to 200 patients, it is obvious who is running those concentration camps.
""Palliative care is not the monopoly of kindness and solidarity , " said Yvon Bureau for its part , the Collective die with dignity and freedom ."
In all arrogance, the so-called "kindness and solidarity" preached by Yvon Bureau, Yves Robert and all the other SCARE-MONGERS amounts to unlimited $$$$$$$ to poison the Quebecois with their one-sided PROPAGANDA.
They exploit Quebec with the advantage they exert over unilingual French Quebecers, who cannot access the information they would be able to learn from, if they were bilingual.
Why are the high-priests of DEATH, not educating everyone that patients have legal recourse already, to just refuse treatments? There is only one reason, to LEGALIZE MASS KILLINGS!–This is the real "monopoly of kindness and solidarity" Yvon Bureau and his fellow mob-bosses can boast of.
Why does the DUTY-to-DIE movement not want to inform the public, that every KILL-BILL was built on "SAFEGUARDS AGAINST the SLIPPERY-SLOPE of EUTHANASIA? Why do they not teach the POLL-VOTERS, that aprroximately 50% of the executions are un-solicited?–Another percentage of the EXECUTIONS are NOT REPORTED?
"Positions such as Paul Brunet , Council for the protection of patients, which is in favor of legalization of euthanasia not only the end of life , but for critically ill patients whose death is not imminent , pose also serious questions about the message to be sent to the company."
If patients are really "critically ill", they will be dead in days or weeks.–So, nothing is gained in terminating them early, except to terminate the palliative-care program and budget. That is exactly what these high-priests of DEATH want. They really want to put time-limits on people’s lives.
Paul Brunet has betrayed chronically ill patients, and I don’t care if his brother started the Committee des La Malades (CPM). His brother started the Patients’ Committee, to demand better care.–Not better killing!
Washington State lawyer, Margaret Dore wrote on how the Duty-to-Die movement are taking advantage of senior citizens, so selfish family members can have parents declared mentally incompetent. Hospitals or hospices love to free up beds, and keep the money coming in from new customers who want to get rid of the parents early, so they can get more inheritance money.
Dying of old-age used to be a virtue, until the DYING WITHOUT DIGNITY revived Operation T-4 soon after WWII. As psychological conditioning has used the media to shape values, after decades of increasing the brainwashing, the under-informed majority of the general public are so gullible that they fall for anything.
"on a personal witness of a very colorful lady of 74 years , Ghislaine Gillet, who pleaded for the establishment of medical help to die , to have recourse to avoid suffering at the life .
She said get tired of the discourse of palliative care, who are always ready to hold your hand even when you do not want to know anything. "I feel this is a new church, " she exclaimed ."
In Canada, since these high-priests of DEATH have failed to get a LAW passed, they worked overtime the past few years to accuse Canadian laws of being "too religious"! So, this shows me something, that the only people really driving the DEATH CULT are the irreligious atheists, and some non-religious church members.
Religious people endure the same conditions the cry-babies do, and I think it shows how miserable and pathetic these losers are. They live their lives with such selfishness, that they think that if they are going to die, they deserve a law to be passed regardless of how many others are executed, because of their law!
An example of this is a disabled woman who smoked like a chimney, at the ambulance entrance of this hospital, after the new law was passed. I showed her the no-smoking signs, and told her the death-toll of non-smokers every year, from smokers.–She didn’t care!
Designated smoke areas were located with ash-trays, but she would smoke where she felt like it. As mouthy as she was, one day she plowed her power-chair through the parking-lot out onto the street, and plowed straight into a car. Her power-chair had no damage, but the car sure did.–And so did she!
Personally, I want to see an end to this cry-baby DUTY-to-DIE movement. I think that further waste of time and money on such stupidity, should be banned. People with mental pain need therapy, to help them have a healthier attitude in life.–Not seek an execution! Physical pain needs medication and other treatments.–Not an execution!
I don’t care how valuable some of these serial-killers feel; either they get psychiatric help, or be suspended from practising medicine! Pass a law against future attempts to LEGALIZED KILLING!–MURDER is a CRIME, and not a DEBATE!
2010/10/3 Linda Couture <>

Voici le traitement médiatique du Soleil concernant les auditions sur Mourir dans la Dignité qui se sont déroulées à Québec la semaine dernière.

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