Dehydration Torture and Execution Underway

Nickname: Ironsides
Legal Name: Robert Greig
Birth: May 11,1951
Address: 3650 St. Urbaine, 718
Montreal, QC., H2X 2P4
Mobile: 514-585-6265

Brampton Civic Hospital
2100 Bovaird Dr E
Brampton, On L6R 3J7, Canada
Phone: 1-905-494-2120, ext. 22505.

Chief Executive Officer
Duncan Glaholt, Chair

Attention: Duncan Glaholt

Since it was brought to my attention that you are not acting in respect to the care and recovery of Joshua Mayandi, I wish to let you know that this is Canada. We do not think like people from other countries, and there are laws you are in violation of right now.

You should pay close attention to Article 25 (f) in the Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities. When you take food and fluids out of somebody’s mouth, you are really pushing somebody into a corner.–Aren’t you? How do you live with yourself, when you allow your doctors to torture somebody by dehydration?

You guys go pig-out at any restaurant or hotel you want to, and you have this thing eating your brain away, about a patient you stopped from having food and fluids. What goes around, comes around! I don’t expect people with your attitude, to enjoy old-age.

I was born disabled, and since I got involved with Disability Rights, I learned that many people who through car accident, war-injury, medical crisis or occupational disablement, who never would have wanted to live, changed their perception after their recovery. Mr. Mayandi deserves to be able to recover, and to get on with his life, just as much as you do.

Whether he is undisabled, physically disabled, mentally disabled or both, he is a civilized human being!–Whether or not you and your fellow executioners are civilized human beings, depends on whether you will stop your terrorist activities in the hospital. What I expect, and any of my co-workers and friends expect, is that you immediately restore Mr. Mayandi’s feeding-tube, nutrition and fluids.

One thing I learned is that some of you doctors responsible for Joshua, are muslims.  In this country, we cannot allow muslims to use their foot in the door of the health-care industry, to murder muslims who become Christians. That stuff is going on around the world, but it is not going to go on in this country. The impression I have, is that you used the Futility-Clause (even after he has recovered well enough to be able to understand and communicate), to execute him because he is from Sri-Lanka!–And became a born-again Christian.

In the past five years, several people have recovered from long term comas, after many years. In spite of this awareness, some Canadian and American ICU’s are holding onto an out-dated mentality about “coma” and “PVS” (persistent vegetative state).–This is because the medical industry is in a PVS itself!–Not the patients!

You big-shots with big salaries love to blame the cost of health-care and long-term care on us, to justify killing-off everybody you can get away with. It’s not our fault that you big-shot administrators eat so much of the budgets, so you can live a prestigious life-style!–And doll-out bonuses to good killers!

I think that the Canadian government needs to conduct an investigation, to determine how many White-Supremist and Muslim terrorists exist inside the health-care industry.  Hospitals are places to get fixed–not executed! This country needs real doctors and nurses!–And we need to get rid of eugenics white-coat militants out of hospital ER’s and ICU’s, regardless of whether they are White-Supremists or Jihadists.

This is, or at least it used to be “Canada”!–And it needs to be restored to a nation where human life is valuable.–Not depending on inflated price-tags and costs! Please restore Joshua Mayandi’s feeding-tube, and give your patients time to recover and adapt to their situations.

Yours truly

Robert Greig

mobile: 514-585-6265


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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