Re: See todays’s Gazette article: Living with dignity is group’s message

Dear Linda,
This article was so good to read. One issue I hope that with more attention being given to the debate, that you guys will question exactly why is it, that the entire definition of "dying with dignity" is defined by the Duty-to-Die movement?–And their definition equals, being assisted  to commit suicide?–Or to be murdered?
They literally are telling Quebecers that the people who have died, have not died with dignity!–Because they did not commit suicide, nor were they murdered. Nobody ever seems to pick up on this point, and I would like to ask if you guys will consider including it.
I think that to confront their spokes-person on a talk-show or a televised debate with:
Question 1. : Do people only die with dignity, if a law is passed to allow "assisted-suicide?–or to be killed"?
Question 2. : Do any terminally-ill people die with dignity, if they receive proper palliative-care and pain-management, with no law being passed?
What can they do to answer such questions in front of a public audience? Maybe they will spit-and-sputter, turn red in the face with embarrassment, or even turn blue and die of a heart-attack.–If so, they died with dignity without a law, which illustrates the whole point I’ve been driving for years.
On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 7:50 AM, Linda Couture <> wrote:

Living with dignity’ is group’s message


Anti-euthanasia association opposes any move to legalize mercy killing


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