Fwd: Please send this email to all of your contacts – June 5 conference in Seattle

Attention: All Recipients
Last night I read a quote on somebody’s Facebook profile, by Einstein. It said something like, ‘I don’t fear foreign enemies or corruption in the government. I fear more the people who will do nothing about it’!
Last year, when I noticed on Restore the Republic.net that some states who were brewing for a cessation from the Union, were somewhat equating their show of Patriotism with legalizing euthanasia/assisted-suicide, I dumped my load on the RTR site.
Now you guys down there have a problem with the Boy Wonder, who imposed the Death Cult disguised as "Compassion and Choices" to mentally condition all war veterans at VA hospitals, that when the mob-bosses decide disabled war veterans are costing tax-payers too much, they need "to do the right thing"!
Up here, when these sick whackos could not win a legitimate argument, they resorted to crying and accusing the Canadian laws of being too religious. The leaders of the Duty-to-Die cult deliberately exploit people’s fears of losing autonomy, and end-of-life issues. All their oceans of LIES about how compassionate they are about the poor suffering people, who are in intolerable pain, are exposed by the number of unreported deaths, the number of involuntary deaths, the requirements of their laws not being followed, and the excessive use of the Futhility-Clause!
American Patriots need to stop being wishy-washy, and learn what "Compassion and Choices" will never tell you. Every American Patriot who can, should schedule early to book this event. The laws which have been passed in Oregon, Washington state and Montana all demonstrate the difference between their campaign promises, their laws, and what their real agenda has been since their laws were passed.–It is past time to RIP up CORRUPT LAWS lobbied, written and passed by CRIMINAL ELEMENTS!
June 5,2010 is the date!–Ground-Zero is SEATTLE, WASHINGTON!
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From: Alex Schadenberg <euthanasiaprevention@on.aibn.com>
Date: Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 4:18 PM
Subject: Please send this email to all of your contacts – June 5 conference in Seattle
To: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition <euthanasiaprevention@on.aibn.com>

Dear Friends
On Wednesday, April 21; the Canadian parliament soundly defeated Bill C-384 by a vote of 228 to 59. C-384 would have legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada for people who were at least 18 years old.
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition coordinated the defeat of C-384 by remaining focused on the issues and by expressing our opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide in an effective manner.
We proved that by contacting elected representatives and staying focused on our themes, that we could move nearly any elected representative from support for the bill to opposing it or from being unsure on the issues of euthanasia and assisted suicide to becoming opposed.
The overwhelming victory became a reality in the last few weeks of the campaign when we focused on specific elected representatives to convince them to vote against the bill.
In order to create an effective push-back to the euthanasia lobby, you need to learn about what we did in Canada and replicate parts or all of the strategy.
We are co-hosting a push-back seminar in Seattle on June 5, 2010 that everyone who is concerned about these issues needs to attend. Link: http://www.euthanasiaprevention.on.ca/2010SeminarFlyer(RGB)(LetterFormat).pdf
A similar victory occured in New Hampshire in January 2010 when an assisted suicide bill was defeated by 242 to 113.
We will only create an effective push-back to the euthanasia lobby by implementing a focused and effective strategy and going to the people.
I am convinced that we can win in Montana and create a push back in Washington and Oregon State.
Learn about the strategies that will lead us to victory. We can defeat the euthanasia lobby.
Attend the US/Canada Push-Back seminar on June 5 and be part of an historical change.

Alex Schadenberg
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
Toll Free: 1-877-439-3348

email: ironsides@videotron.ca
mobile: 514-585-6265


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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