Re: Journal La Presse monte un dossier sur les soins à Royal Victoria

Attention: Linda Coture
Linda, when loading these links into Internet Explorer 8, there is a Translate button on the Google Toolbar. I understand that French is spoken in a different structure than English, and that the translation might miss a little of the idea of what is said. However, I think that from the four links I read the English translation of, that I got the main points.
First of all, long ago before reading a Quebec translated article, I’ve always had the impression that Quebecois are greatly taken advantage of by the Quebec Global-elite mob-bosses. Their continuous separatist attempt to keep the Quebecois unilingual, so they will ever be slaves to the extremely educated separatist leaders, is making it difficult for the unilingual French population to learn all the information available about the Duty-to-Die cult.
Through the years I’ve lived in Quebec, I notice that this province always has had a high suicide rate. One of the metro-lines in Montreal throughout the ’90s, when I listened to radio more than I do now, was many times closed temporarily because somebody would jump the tracks into oncoming trains. The unilingual French have always been kept in poverty, but emotionally driven by their pompous, multi-lingual intelligensia elite mob-bosses, to embrace the Separatist cause. They are mind-warped into the DARK-AGES to believe that a separate Quebec will make them the envy of the world.
With this level of mentality, the unilingual French Quebecois are fearful about anything they don’t understand. Recently, I’ve noticed in what Alex Schadenberg said, that Francine Lalonde’s husband is the top Quebec lobbyist for the Death Cult!–And in these articles which you sent out, I see that some hastened executions ongoing at the Royal-Victoria Hospital in recent years, are encouraged by the role of the Quebec College of Physicians.
Since the after-effects of Lucienne Bouchard in the ’90s, and especially since the Schindler family allowed Terri Schiavo to be tortured and executed by the courts in 2005, my hands are tied with what I can do. In 2003, I had a very experienced team who were rejected by Terri Schiavo’s family, when they were mobilizing to the area to get Terri, her parents and a medical team into hiding. Since then, the Duty-to-Die cult has grown to create a social trend.
In Quebec, I don’t know how many people you have to work with.–But I can definitely see that fluently bilingual Quebecois need to be recruited, to penetrate every region in the province, to educate everyone about everything the Death Cult don’t want unilingual French Quebecois to know about. Now I’m starting to really feel sorry for the unilingual French Quebecois. They have been exploited by the Separatist leaders throughout my life-time.–And for at least twenty years, by the Duty-to-Die militants!
It’s so compelling to almost feel forced and obliged to endorce the doctors of death agenda, because of the overloaded ICU’s, economic hardships and lack of nurses, doctors and beds. My answer to all these issues is, that they should have been down their elected officials’ throats throughout the entire 1900’s until today, every time bills were being submitted by corporate gangs in the Big-Pharma, controlled by the U.S. Rockefellar family. At the turn of the twentieth century it was the Rockefellars, who after hitting big-time in the oil industry, became bankers.
Through their control of banking, they soon dominated Big-Pharma and the medical industry. When the medical profession underwent a remodeling in the 1950’s with the success of the polio vaccine, it was a Rockefellar who controlled the curriculum for all university teaching medical-centers!
Alot of the new diseases which have plagued the population for a hundred years, which are escalating at a rapid pace, are engineered in labs under the oversight of the Dept. of Defense. We’ve been seriously lied to about bio-defense! Bio-defense is the disguise by the Military-Industrial Complex, to manufacture pharmaceuticals more for the UN’s military domestic assaults on their own civillian populations, than for any imagined foreign bio-attacks. They poison the populace to make everybody depend on the medical system for high-cost health-care, and then they have the nerve to complain about the overloaded health-care problem.
Monsanto now controls virtually the entire world’s food supply, and they have lied to the entire world about their true agenda for the third-world. They have had laws passed which make nations dependent on Global-elite policies and their laws; any country who does not OBEY the SLAVE-MASTERS will suffer famine and pestilence, or war. Independent farmers in countries such as Mexico and India have had their lands rendered incapable of generating profit enough to pay off the loans they were forced into by the International-Bankers. It has driven poor farmers in India to literally sell their wives as collateral, to pay the extortionist mob-bosses.
If the Quebec and Manitoba Colleges of Physicians who have demanded legalizing euthanasia had real concerns about shortages of nurses, anaesthesiologists and other doctors, they should have forced the elected officials to block the U.S. job fairs every year. The Federal and Provincial governemnts have an obligation to protect our borders. They didn’t protect our borders when letting private sector health-care mob-bosses lure health-care workers down south on big payrolls.–So the Republican wealthy thugs could thumb their noses, at how bad Canada’s socialised health-care system is, under-staffed and endless waiting-lists!
If the French Quebecois learn alot on how the system runs, I think they will abandon the psychotic demented brain-function which drives euthanasia. In the years I’ve lived in Quebec, I think the unilingual francophones are prisoners in chains. Only the bilingual Quebecois are getting the chance to understand what the DARK-AGES separatist elite leaders block them from learning.
""Doctors are faced with families full of emotions. Even if, rationally, the doctor can explain for hours that treatment is futile, it does not always convince the family to stop treatment ", says Dr. Marcel Boulanger, retired anesthesiologist who is now part of the Association Québec for the right to die with dignity."
When I went to die in a hospital emergency-room at Hull, Quebec in April 1993, it was to save my roommates having to fill out any police reports. I thought I was hemorrhaeging to death from cancer. Instead of letting me die, I awoke to the most devastating condition imagineable. During the early 1980’s, I landed in three ICU’s in two countries following massive gastro-intestinal hemmorhaeges. I recovered quickly, and never suffered anything related to heart-attack or respiratory-failure.
However, in 1993 I couldn’t breathe, and I was the usual Joe-Blow with my former co-workers concerning the Sue Rodriguez case.–And on the Robert Latimer case, I think I was partially agreeing that maybe it was best in her case. My reasoning in those days was because I believed that the full story was being reported in the media, and if she really was in that bad shape, I thought that I would never want my daughter to have to tolerate all the shit I have.–And I’m in alot better shape than her, to prove what morons the Society for Handicapped Children and Adults of Manitoba were. (1993)
I really did believe that I had an obligation to tax-payers and society, to just get it over with.–And wake up in Heaven! But when I woke up to an absolute war in my body, I really freaked-out. My right lung felt like it was not even there anymore. I tried to talk, but couldn’t; I tried to yell, but couldn’t. When I felt something on my face, and something plugging my mouth, I got really mad at what was going on. I was so groggy with drugs, I could hardly see.–And the sounds I heard drove me out of my mind. As I began to wake up even more, I saw bags, and plastic tubes going into both arms.–And when I reached one hand over to tear out the tubes in my other arm, I was jumped by nurses, doctors, I passed-out and awoke the next time to being strapped down. Never in my life did I know anything about intubation.
For probably over a week (I assume) I was in and out of consciousness. I remember being told one night, that the hospital was being charged extra for every day a patient was extending the government time-limit in ICU. When my situation began to stabilize, they asked me to answer questions such as at what age would I determine was enough, to not expect extraordinary life-saving measures. That day I was coming up to my forty-second birthday.–So, I was calculating, that if I could not accomplish getting work as a free-lance writer by the time I was seven years older, I would agree to call it off at forty-nine years old.
The doctor who interviewed me the morning I went into the ER, came to see me after I was re-located from the ICU to an acute-care ward. I asked why he had intervened, when I just had decided to die there?–Not end up on cancer treatments! He replied by saying I did not have cancer, and I would have died from protein-deficiency. He went on to say, that if I landed in the ER today on his shift, he would do the same thing again.–Now, this is leading up to the point I now am going to make:
Things have gravely changed, and this is no longer 1993! All new medical students now are under intense pressure, to endorse the Futility-clause! None of them have told me that, but I do pay close attention to their responses when I explain what I do. Alot of the protocols surrounding what medical staff and support groups are supposed to do in fully informing patients of "all available options", is more slanted toward "doing the right thing".
Even in the case of obvious "end-of-life" patients, I think that judging from the number of people rolling through the palliative-care rooms here the past few years, is not like before. The feeling care-givers used to have when people were dying, centered around assuring patients that nobody wanted them to go. Patients would live longer because care-givers really cared about them. The Lucienne Bouchard thugs got rid of that attitude real fast.
Bouchard was dying from flesh-eating disease in one ICU at the same time I was hanging in the balance at another ICU, in December 1994.–I was in my third respiratory-failure, and having a pretty rough time in Montreal. When I was recovering, I was informed that I would have to apply for long-term care, because I could not return to the farm I was sharing the rent on.
When I was introduced to long-term care, I was informed that for me to move out, there would be at least a three year waiting list to find an apartment, and get set up with home-care services. A lady asked me one day if I would be interested in attending patient-committee meetings–And she explained what it was all about. After going to one meeting, the next time she asked if I would consider joining as a new member. My reply was something like:
‘Hey, lady!–I’m planning on getting out of this place, not just finding something to do with my time’. She explained a little more, and then I said, that if the meetings were really going to accomplish something for patients who can’t come to the meetings, I’ll consider it.–"But, if the meetings are just going to be nothing but some social club, I’ve got other interests"!
The next patient-committee meeting turned out to be a joint-meeting with the Royal-Victoria Hospital’s patient-committee. Bouchard’s big-mouth macho tough-guy budget man was going to be there. The doctor for the kidney-transplant wing was going to be there, and one of his surviving patients would accommodate him. The issue they brought, was that the isolation unit to protect kidney transpalnt patients following surgery, was ordered closed. These guys argued the danger of integrating transplant patients with all the sick patients.
All I could do is listen in, and watch the contention fill the boardroom.–Budget mob-boss man didn’t care what the dangers were; if they couldn’t survive and live on antibiotics, tough-stuff! That unit was going to be shutdown, and there was going to be no budget–period! After listening to this Bouchard budget-man throw his weight around, I decided to throw my weight around.–And when I was finished, the whole room whistled, clapped their hands, cheered.–And budget-man and me engaged in a fierce eyeball-to-eyeball encounter. If he could have pulled a gun and blown me away, I’m sure he would have.
I told him about me and Bouchard dying at the same time, in two different hospitals. I rubbed his nose in the two-tier health-care system, between Bouchard and the rest of us disposable trash! I made him swim in the fact, that an entire section of the hospital was segregated where Bouchard was. An army of high-security was afforded one patient–Bouchard! An entire medical staff of nurses, doctors and technicians had no other patient, but the big baby–Lucienne Bouchard!
I continued to make the guy miserable, and I could hardly breathe. I could only get about three words in per breath, but I was sure having fun! I let everybody know that Bouchard doesn’t have the foggiest idea what it is to be a "patient"! He doesn’t know anthing about medical issues, needs or anything else.–Yet, this is the dictator who demands that hospitals are shutdown, and the health-care workers fired!
The excuses given about futile-care are no reason to pressure people to get out of the way, and then deny that it is what you are doing.
"Dialysis, transfusions, ventilator … Keeping someone alive artificially resource intensive. A bed in intensive care alone costs $ 700 to $ 1,200 per day in nursing. To this cost must be added the cost of treatments and medications. A bill astronomical."
What really is being kept alive artificially is a disease called "money"!–Extortion! If the big-shot Central Banks and the Federal government had the least concern about the population, they would reorganize cost-managememt. Doctors and nurses and their assisstants do deserve good salaries and benefits, but economists could create an economical system to meet the salary needs of medical staffs, and reduce the cost of medical tests and medical treatments.
The prices hiked onto anything medical is to deny targeted minorities or individuals. Drugs are the biggest racket, because of all the corruption involved, and court costs when they eventually get busted. Tell the Duty-to-Die officers to STOP blaming patients for health-care costs. Their friends in Big-Pharma shouldn’t have poisoned the food, water and air, and expect everybody to just drop dead to make room for new customers.–And more profits!
""We are now arrived at a point where technology can sustain life artificially for years. But if you do that, we will miss beds and resources tomorrow morning! "Illustrates the general secretary of the College of Physicians, Dr. Yves Robert."
Just tell Yves Robert and all his friends to FERMEZ LA BOUCHE!–And to hand in their resignations! I think it would be a good idea to demand Yves Robert, Francine Lalonde and other bullies of legalizing euthanasia under any name, to resign. Who can circulate a petition to demand their resignations?
""For the health system, these patients kept alive artificially, as if a huge truck was stopped on a motorway, illustrates Dr. Boulanger. As a society, we must realize that this allocation of resources is a problem. It’s easy to make with that demagoguery and say that doctors want to kill patients. That’s not it at all! Let the company come to understand what it is, the futility of treatment. "
How many people during the Terri Schiavo case were documented survivors who recovered from comas and so-called PVS?–After 15-20 years? By the above statements, these guys are effectively stating that all the documented cases who are now recovered, and picking up where their lives left-off, should never have been allowed to live on life-support until they finally recovered.–I take issue with that! If these French Quebecois medical personnel are so ignorant and oblivious to the knowledge about survivors of extended time on life-support, there is a problem with the medical-college education system.
" The College of Physicians has filed a brief. In this document, the College has doubts about the appropriate care to provide end of life."
This is something else which rubs me the wrong way, this macho medical-college mentality of nothing but doubts. In ICU’s all over the world, how many times have doctors in charge doubted everything, and just want to stomp through their units issuing the death warrants on people they know nothing about. It is good to know that there still are a few civilized real doctors, but they are getting fewer in number. With the new students enrolling in medical-colleges today, I dread the thought of what their protocols will be in 2020!
Medical-colleges need to regain the attitude of probably the highest ranked doctor of all time–Dr. Michael DeBakey!
Any time I get to talking with medical students who are volunteers in recreation, I usually tell them about Dr. DeBakey. I think that the Duty-to-Die gurus need to be run out of the medical-colleges, and a new breed of real doctors take their place.
2010/4/26 Linda Couture <>

Bonjour, (revue de presse du 25-26 avril 2010)
  • Voici 2 articles parus sur Cyberpresse. La Presse semble monter un dossier à cet effet. Les entrevues semblent se dérouler à l’hopital Royal Victoria. À lire absolument.l’association pour le droit de mourir (Hélène Bolduc et Dr Marcel Boulanger) commentent sur le dossier. De belles opportunités pour se faire entendre!
 droit de mourir dans la dignité
Débrancher ou non?
des traitements inutiles et souffrants, confirme la présidente de l’Association québécoise pour le droit de mourir dans la dignité, Hélène Bolduc.


Santé: des ressources coûteuses… et limitées
Et le temps presse, selon la présidente de l’Association québécoise pour le droit de mourir dans la dignité, Hélène Bolduc. Car la population vieillit,

De plus vous trouverez 2 liens -Opinions de Guy Durand, théologien et juriste, collaborateur de la Voix de l’Est


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