Re: WE WON – Bill C-384 defeated, 228 – 59

Alex, I really like the plan.–And I’m glad you established voice communication the other day with my contact.
There is something I want to stress right now in regard to the priority at hand. For the rebuilding of a better health-care/hospice system across the country and the Territories, outside of the many departments of workers, there needs to be a hard-driving course of psychology given to every nurse and their assistants.
I’ll use this Montreal Chest Institute for my example, and I don’t give a rat’s-ass if they feel personally offended by it. This hospital has been rated alot higher in standard and quality than most hospitals and nursing homes in the Montreal area.
Things have definitely improved through the years from the concentration camp it was in 2000.–But I dare say that if they hadn’t had a recovering BadBoy to deal with, the place would still be gang member central. I’m not saying they were members of organized gangs, although there might have been gang members on staff.
Most hospitals and other long-term care institutions have no idea, that sometimes one or more employees are members of organized gangs. There have been hospital where gang members occupied positions such as anaesthesiologists, Respiratory-Technicians and nurses.
To change this long-term care unit, it has taken hundreds of hours of meetings through the years. However, as improved as this place now is, there are frequent problems with some nurses.
Before I landed in this hospital during the 1990’s, I have been in hospitals in three countries where I nearly died from gastro-hemmorhaeges, and have been a patient in other Montreal hospitals and Manitoba.–So, I know quite a bit about patient-care-giver relations!
A common problem I am familiar with is times when I was in serious to critical condition, and situations I personally have encountered at different times included:
  • a night-shift ICU nurse refusing to read the doctor’s instructions exactly how to suction my trachea
  • the same nurse refusing to remove the rubber band before suctioning 
  • An ICU nurse slamming and nearly smashing the monitor, because I demanded the doctor (blood-pressure 203/138)
  • ICU nurse and assistants slammed my trachea into the bed-rail, and I passed-out
  • A night-shift ICU nurse refused to check my glucose when I was testing a high-protein/calorie feeding-tube formula
  • Same shift refused me water when dehydrated, and bleeding from the stomach and my lungs
  • Night-shift doctor refused to correct error in the order which said nothing about water
Another patient not in ICU, but long-term:
  • patient on trachea and his mother yelled at by nurses
  • nurse assistants who expect patient (no voice or muscle control) to re-type same instructions every day
  • nurse/assistants who are rough on equipment
  • refusal of administration to allow patients in serious declining conditions to have same assistants who understand his/her needs, because of two-tier standard health-care accusations
I’m not sharing this to get kicked out of here, but the situations need to be addressed across the entire country. The care-giver database nation-wide needs training by psychologists who will organize appropriate courses for every ICU, hospital acute-care wards, and long-term care facilities.
The Canadian government needs to restore its former number-one standing in the world community for health-care, as it ranked in the 1990’s! We need to demonstrate leadership to our enemies, the Duty-to-Die Societies, regardless of what new titles and names they try to re-group under. Our Founding Fathers came to North America to build the NEW-WORLD! All those who possess Canadian citizenship, but are not happy here are free to renounce their citizenship and move to the OLD-WORLD! Bye-bye!
There were two MP’s last night whose vote was an error, but they later were refused a chance to re-vote.–So, yesterday exactly 230 Canadian political leaders voted against legalized killing. 57 MP’s voted for it.
Another point I want to make is about this snobby attitude which prevails in the Duty-to-Die cult, that the Canadian laws are religious. If the "irreligious" are the ones who suffer the most, maybe they should think about it. Anything they think they can pick on about Christians, they blow their noses and yell "SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE"! If that is a problem, I demand that the other religions be held to that, also.–If they were, Sikhs would not be allowed to change two laws which were required to accommodate their religion.
The duty-to-die LOSERS are just offended that they can’t win a legitimate argument. That is why they get so dirty, and carry on their killings slowly and undercover, as much as possible.
The last thing I want to attack is the CRTC. This country needs to learn the difference between FREE-SPEECH, FREEDOM of EXPRESSION, and HATE-SPEECH! Likewise, FREEDOM of EXPRESSION is different than the EXPRESSION of WILFULL PROMOTION of HATE!
On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 7:24 PM, Alex Schadenberg <> wrote:

Bill C-384, the private members bill that would have legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada was strongly defeated by a vote of 228 to 59.
We would like to thank every member of parliament who voted against Bill C-384. We would also like to thank all of our supporters who made this victory possible. Months of work have resulted in an incredible victory. But the battle is not over.
We are working to turn the debate on this issue to a debate on how Canadians can live with dignity.
We recognize that many people have raised legitimate concerns.
It is our goal to work with members of parliament and other Canadian leaders to identify ways to:
– improve palliative/hospice care throughout Canada,
– change attitudes and improve services for people with disabilities,
– institute an effective national suicide prevention strategy,
– promote programs that identify and eliminate the scourge of elder abuse.
We must continue to build a nation that upholds the dignity of all its citizens. 
We must continue to create a paradigm that protects all Canadians, including its most vulnerable. 
We reject the concept that killing can be the answer to problems that are properly solved by a caring society.
Alex Schadenberg
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
Please enable the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition to continue its successful work by making a donation today.
Our investment of resources to defeat Bill C-384 has left us with a huge financial need.

mobile: 514-585-6265


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I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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