Newsmax – O’Reilly Pays Legal Bill for Fallen Marine’s Father


Albert Snyder sued Westboro Baptist
Church members for picketing
at his son's funeral but the verdict
in his favor was overturned.

Albert Snyder


Part I

My Personal Experience With Existing Laws


This morning I woke up to start my day, and while I was drinking my tea and loading the news, I got hit-in-the-face with a news story which only reminds me of the nightmares I’ve had for over four years now, when I learned that my wife’s remains had been stolen from the cemetery.

Nancy died on January 19,2006 from Cystic-Fibrosis. During the winter months in Quebec, people are held at the funeral-home until the ground thaws out. Due to circumstances, long before we started our relationship, Nancy had been placed under the guardianship of a public curator.

Since we possessed no properties or other liquid assets to worry about, we decided to just have a common-law wedding on July 7,2005. After the wedding, as time went by we talked about maybe changing her guardianship status with the curator, because we both were in long-term care at this hospital for COPD (chronic obstruction pulmonary disease) patients, and there were situations here which required attention.

We were going to let our first wedding anniversary pass, and arrange a meeting with the curator about sharing decison-making responsibilities between the curator, the hospital and myself (her husband common-law). This was because there was much contention between us and the head-nurses, trying to get their co-operation to allow her care-givers to clean up the room and put things away 2-3 times a week, and several other problems when the curator could not be reached. One time when we requested a meeting about the problem, we showed him the filthy sickening conditions in the room, with dust just blanketed everywhere.—And he was shocked!

Aside from that, Nancy was running out of time sooner than we expected. Drugs were losing their ability to combat the disease, and she went into late-stage CF. In December 2005 and January 2006, Nancy landed in the ICU three times. The only biological family member who could be reached, was her sister.

Nancy’s sister refused to come to the wedding; she refused to see Nancy in the ICU, and on the phone she told me to not call her any time Nancy had another life-and-death crisis. When my wife died, the hospital informed her that the official funeral would be held at the hospital, because so many patients wanted to attend.–Mary refused to come!

There were two times in my wife’s life when I experienced how hurt she was by her biological family, particularly her sister.

  • the night when Nancy learned that the only time Mary phoned her to cheer her up, was because I quietly went out to call her, and let her know that Nancy was upset that she wouldn’t visit her so she could see her nieces and nephews. The only real family Nancy had since she was a little girl, was her foster family who love and miss her to this day.
  • the night in Nancy’s first emergency to the ICU after she recovered, when I let her know that Mary blasted me on the phone; she told me to never call her again.

Nancy fell apart so bad, that it hurts to think about it. She cried as hard as she did when Mary refused to come to the wedding. She said:

“That bitch will never have anything to do with my burial arrangements”!

If either of us had had any idea that Mary would later steal her remains from the funeral-home, Nancy would have ordered me to call the curator right away.—And Nancy definitely would have made a written legally-binding statement.

When workers started the dayshift here a few hours after Nancy’s death, there was a meeting. I demanded that despite any law concerning all legal rights passed from curatorship to the biological kin, the curator’s office responsible for burial arrangements needed to weigh in on this case.—And they had a duty to make an exception to Nancy’s burial arrangements! As her husband, I expected the curator to award the foster family full control of any burial arrangements.

Since Nancy and me began our relationship, there was no shortage of people rubbing my nose in it, that I had no legal say in anything. The social-worker explained the circumstances with the single person responsible for transfer of responsibility at the curators’ office. She arranged a 3-way conference-call between herself, the blood-sister, and the foster mother.

All three parties agreed that the foster family would control where Nancy was buried, but on the day of the burial ceremony Mary could pick up the ashes from the funeral-home, and bring it to the cemetery. Not until I was informed about the missing ashes did I learn that the curators’ office only produced a verbal agreement, and there was no fax sent out to make it legal.

After the social-worker explained the state of things, I went ballistics and demanded that she force that bitch in curatorship to make Mary return Nancy’s remains to the funeral-home, or there would be a price to pay. After playing basketball with the case between Mary and the curator, I phoned the curators’ office.—No answer! When the social-worker relayed a message to me from the curator that she would not talk directly with me about anything, I put them all on notice.

I arranged phone-calls to Mary from friends of mine, including calls from Australia. Mary really learned that there was one BaaaaaaadBoy who was intent on making her so scared, that she had better return Nancy’s remains to the funeral-home. Mary, the curators’ office, the social-workers here and the foster family had no doubt that I could arrange a knock-on-her door!

The foster family pleaded with me to not follow through with it, and that sort of caused me to consider a few options. However, the next week I had to start a treatment. One of the drugs destroyed my lung-function, and I spent the better part of the next two years fighting to breathe. I’m still oxygen-dependent, although last year I recovered well enough to have a temporary break.

The first time I had enough physical energy and was able to breathe well enough to be able to call for a lawyer, the social-worker arranged for a legal-aid to call me. I was going to file lawsuits against Mary, and a separate lawsuit against the curators’ office.—But as I tried to explain the situation, she was extremely rude and verbally spit-in-my-face! She finally told me that this kind of case is not covered by welfare, and hung up.

Since then, I just maintain close relations with the foster family.—And once a  year I go out to their place for a visit, and then spend time at the cemetery where the foster parents placed a nameplate for Nancy on the other side of their tombstone. The year before Nancy began dying, the foster parents told Nancy that they had purchased a burial plot for themselves and her. She was so thankful to them for doing that, and it made her really happy.

That was another thing which makes it so uncivilized, what the curator did. She knew full-well that the foster family had purchased Nancy’s nameplate out of their own pocket.—Yet she breached the agreement all the parties agreed to! My lawsuit against the curatorship would have been very concise:

  • the curator was incompetent to exercise her roll as a judge, when an exception to a law is needed needs to be made, or
  • she conspired with Mary after the conference-call

Regardless, her licence should be cancelled to practice law!

So, this news article this morning, triggered me off about how rotten the Judicial branch of government is.


Part II

Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew A. Snyder’s Father


First of all, I’m not a guy who favors the gay/lesbian community. I find it pretty offensive that cities sponsor Gay parades, and they drool all over one another on the streets to show-off to the heterosexuals how free they think they are. Meanwhile, I get comments such as, “that’s inappropriate” if I start sending signals out to some babe around me. Maybe it would just be socially acceptable if I was gay, but not because I’m a disabled heterosexual man.

So, please don’t anybody mistake something I say, thinking that I crawl on my hands and knees to the Gay/Lesbian community for friendship. I have a low opinion in what I perceive as the cocky, arrogant freedom-fighter culture of people in the Gay community. When the political climate was to beat and murder gays, people would stay far away from known gay/lesbians. When the sympathy set in with lots of mind-control in public indoctrination, it didn’t take long before Gay was hey!

For many years now the Gay community has worked hard to earn respect inside the Military. There has always been strong resistance to legalizing it for obvious reasons. Many gay/lesbians have never announced their gender, who have earned alot of respect for their service in combat. But it’s the fact that if genderism is legalized in the Military, there will be serial rapists in the ranks who take every opportunity possible, to work over wounded soldiers.

Matthew Snyder was killed in a non-combat situation, but still, like many other military personnel, they have been killed in the line of duty in a war-zone. The U.S. Zionist government made it a war-zone. So, when military personnel come back dead, they deserve respect.—They earned it!

I wonder if the Westboro Baptist Church is being staged to make Christians look as uncivilized as the Muslims who share the same level of mentality. If you have conviction in your heart that God is judging the U.S. for accepting gays, something caused you to believe that.—But there are sure alot more reasons than gay lifestyle, for God’s judgments on the U.S. How barbaric can you be, to go tromping behind a funeral procession and protesting at the funeral?

This case of an American Baptist church protesting against a dead soldier because of his gender, has really caused waves. One problem I have with this case is, that they also are probably staunch defenders and supporters of  Israel. Alot of Baptists and Pentecostals are about as intelligent as a dog, which runs around in circles chasing its own tail. As emotional as this gender issue was made to be by these over-emotional Baptists, consider the kind of protests and demonstrations the Israeli military carry out at Palestinian funerals, on the above link. If you think, ‘oh, that’s different; Israel has to defend themselves’, you are as sick as this Baptist group of protestors.

Many evangelical Christians don’t seem to understand that people who are born with opposite-sex anatomy are not to blame for their gender. If people decide to choose to surgically transform their anatomy, that is a different story. Still, people are human beings, and not just a gender. The only concern anybody should have, is if same-sexists push their lifestyle on others who don’t want it.

Concerning that judge who overturned the verdict on the grounds of free-speech?—Bull-shit! One thing which is wrong with alot of laws, is how situations can be twisted to make it fit into a law, in which it does not belong.

“Adding insult to injury, the court also ruled that Snyder would have to pay $16,500 to church members, to defray what they spent to defend themselves in court.”

Here is a judge who deserves to get his ass kicked so hard and so high, that he won’t shit for the next week!—Guys like this need to be removed from law-enforcement. His license should be suspended, and any pension benefits need to be confiscated.


Newsmax – O’Reilly Pays Legal Bill for Fallen Marine’s Father


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I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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