Canada ratifies UN disability treaty – Employers’ Forum on Disability

Canada ratifies UN disability treaty – Employers’ Forum on Disability


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"Canada became the 82nd country to approve the document, after being one of its earliest signatories, with officials claiming the delay was caused by problems authorising the document with its 13 provinces.”ADNFCR-1716-ID-19667014-ADNFCR 
It might be worth commending the Council of Canadians With Disabilities for their years of hard work in this UN treaty.—However, aside from the few political leaders who have given it a priority, it is no great accomplishment to Canada’s record of Civil Rights agenda. It speaks pretty loud, that this country has fought against equal-rights for Disabled Canadians, even since the first declaration of International Year of the Disabled in 1981.
Many foreign nations have more decency than Canada, when it comes down to equal-rights; and if the treaty does not translate into “equal-rights”, it won’t mean much. As far as I’m concerned, the Canadian government is more concerned with kow-towing to the export-industry’s Global-elite mob-bosses who run the country, than the elected officials we vote for.
Every year on July 1st, almost half a million new immigrants proudly clap their chest and sing the revised national anthem. In that number, there are no shortage of criminals, terrorists and blood-money handlers who escape detection, and help to maintain a strong Canadian economy, one way or another. In recent decades, all that western governments are really concerned about anyway, is that they please the World Banks and that economies thrive. We have all been deceived to think that Globalization is to develop the third-world, and raise their standard of living. However, the rich are increasingly becoming more wealthy, and controlling more of the planet and its resources. Despite the appearance of increased living standards, poverty is on the rise.
In Quebec, I dread the thought of when this treaty will actually be a reality. Every business, hotel, restaurant and other public buildings have had since 1981 to disability-access their buildings.—Yet many buildings with new businesses setting up shop since 1981, have continued to segregate Disabled People. Even if there is a wheelchair-accessible washroom facility, from the street to the toilet, stairs are in the way.
Last month I was one of a few select guests to a funeral service of a retired politician. I learned that some taxi companies accomodate power-wheelchairs, and I made arrangements. I’m on oxygen, and when I got to the church, there was absolutely no wheelchair-access. The entire area was fenced-off with construction going on, and I could have gotten into a life-threatening situation, if I had gotten out of the taxi. So, I called his son to let him know I arrived early, but there was no way for me to get into the church.
Downtown Montreal hosts North America’s biggest heated underground subway system and shopping-center. Until a few years ago, I used to be able to go from Eaton’s-Center to Peel Street subway during the winter.—No problem! Big-business decided to develop the entire underground shopping-center. When they did, they built different levels and stairways, where before they developed hundreds stores, shops and restaurants, ramps went all the way to Peel Street metro.
Since my wife died in 2006, once a year I rent a wheelchair-accessible mini-van from the only car-rental in Montreal, where I can rent for less than a three-day minimum. They have four mini-vans. In 2007 I was in pretty serious medical condition, but wanted to make it to the annual memorial for Nancy. It was hard to choose a weekend in advance in which I felt like I could make the trip. Twice, after booking one of the mini-vans, the company rented it to somebody before my driver could make the payment.—So, in 2007, I never made it to the family’s place or to the cemetery on the only weekends I could have made it.
In 2008, the company rented a mini-van which had a defective ramp door, and Arthur had to drive back to the dealer to demonstrate the defect. When they got the door to open with the remote, it worked until we got to the cemetery. He tried to see if it could open manually, but we couldn’t get anything to work, and I could not get out of the van. When we got back to the rental office, I had a few choice words for the boss. The next day when Arthur returned the van, the agent said a disabled driver rented the same vehicle.—And he did get stuck! He could not get the door to open, but they never told Arthur any more than I would get a discount on the next rent.
The final thing which strikes me about this treaty only being ratafied by the Canadian government during the Paralympics, is how the CTV network is giving 57 hours coverage of the Paralympic Games, but no live-coverage of the opening ceremony as they do the Olympics. At least they are giving some air-time, when most people are out shopping and others recovering from Friday night hangovers. What about the CBC???—The Canadian government’s television network! I just looked through their schedule, and saw nothing.—No CBC Paralympics coverage!
  1. Hawkman_morales_normal cjtyrrell: #NBC carrying #paralympics coverage. God Bless these fabulous athletes! #Olympics Glad NBC is providing some support 5 minutes ago from UberTwitter


Above is a tweet, that NBC actually covered the opening ceremony of the Paralympics live. Other twitters are not so impressed with CTV’s coverage of the opening ceremony, but at least they are giving some air-time.—Just not prime-time! My complaint is that CBC has plenty of time for the Duty-to-Die propaganda machine on a national-scale, but only able-bodied drugged-up athletes at the “un-disabled” Olympics deserve attention by CBC.


Canada ratifies UN disability treaty – Employers’ Forum on Disability 

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