Re: Guns Save Lives — Again!

Attention: Mr. Brown
This is just one of many important examples of the importance of public education, repetitive radio and television commercials to inform the entire population that responsible training and ownership of guns will save lives. Any police department realizes the facts. The only way to drive down the the robbery, rape and murder rates, are for everyone who is capable to possess a handgun.
There needs to be different radio and television commercials kept on the air-waves, some commercials stressing the need for mandatory gun-club membership, so everyone who is responsible and capable of possessing a gun gets the proper psychological and physical training necessary.
Other commercials are needed to illustrate what circumstances and conditions not to use a gun. This is where the department of psychology would be important, and needed to work with NAGR! This would help phase out everyone who is known to be physically violent with co-workers, domestic violence, etc.
Such a program would effectively prevent real criminals from qualifying to purchase a gun. If real psycopaths are prevented from purchasing a licence, the only way they could get their hands on one, is to kill somebody who possesses a gun.–And tell me, in a "civilized society" where over half the population are responsibly trained and possess a gun, what hope is there for any uncontrolled monster to get control of any gun?
One final commercial which needs to be repetitive, is about the law which police operate by:
Virtually nobody but some homocide victims’ surviving family members understand that when somebody dials 911 to the police, to report a crime in progress, police departments don’t have a law which orders them to intervene in the crime which is in progress. The obligation they have is to investigate and report a crime, after the crime has been committed.
Hard-core inmates know the ropes of law-enforcement, and this helps such people commit murders and escape detection and capture.
Only after the Ft. Hood event did I learn, that on-base military personnel are disarmed. That law should be struck down, and if they don’t strike down that law, military personnel should ignore that law.
This is the only way to maintain a healthy, civilized society!–That’s my opinion. If you agree, feel free to circulate this and to build support for such plans.
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Dear ,

To give you an idea of what to expect from NAGR emails, here is an example of the important news we bring our members.

I thought you would enjoy this story out of Atlanta, Georgia.  If you do, please forward it to your friends.

College student shoots home invader, saves 10 lives

Yet another reason to keep a gun in the house . . .

Several months ago, in the notoriously dangerous neighborhood of College Park in Atlanta, Georgia, two armed criminals broke into a house party of students.

After confiscating the group’s valuables, the invaders split the men and women up into different rooms.

Witnesses say the perpetrators then counted their rounds and discussed if they had "enough" ammunition.

The students believe the gunmen were going to rape and murder the entire group of students, who were celebrating a birthday at the end of the semester.

However, one male student, whose identity is being protected by police and local media, retrieved a handgun from his backpack and fired at the thug who was detaining the men.

(That is: One smart student had prepared for a night in College Park, Atlanta.)

The criminal fled the apartment under the threat of injury and never returned.

The student, continuing on into the girls’ room, found the other thug, 23-year-old Calvin Lavant, preparing to rape his first victim.

The student exchanged gunfire with Lavant, lethally wounding him in the process.  Lavant fled through a window and died in front of his apartment, only one building away.

One of the female students was injured during the exchange, but doctors expect a full and complete recovery.

So what’s the point

A student saved the girls from rape, and saved the whole group of 10 people (including himself) from murder . . . and he did it with a handgun.

This is a perfect example of how ludicrous "big city gun laws" are.  What if this had happened in New York, Chicago, or any of the other big cities that criminalize their citizens’ self defense?

Yes, we would be reading an entirely different story — one so horrendous that we would shudder at the very words.

Either this whole group of friends would have been raped and murdered by these two sorry excuses for human beings . . . or the hero of this story would be facing prison time for firearm possession and murder.

Thankfully, however, Atlanta hasn’t outlawed self-defense yet.  And since someone had a gun and was willing to use it, innocent life was preserved.

Congratulations to the unnamed hero of this story.  You saved your friends’ lives.

In Liberty,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director
National Association for Gun Rights

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