Study raises concerns about food quality in Montreal’s superhospitals



February 03, 2010 – 4:57 PM

I’m a long-term patient at the Montreal Chest Institute. I’m physically disabled, and have lived here since 2000.

The highest officials of the super-hospitals and Sodexho can deny and trivialize the accusations in the study all they want. I dare say, let those officials eat meals on the same trays we eat from, for one month (Montreal Chest)!

"However, officials with both the MUHC and the Centre hospitalier de l’université de Montréal disputed the study’s conclusions, saying that meals will be prepared that meet the highest quality standards."

What I have noticed is that in 2006, Martin Lapointe moved to the Children’s, and here Marie-Josee took over the kitchen. The first thing I experienced, and have paid the price for, was the food rations were cut in half.

For four months the head-nurses refused to believe it, and nobody wanted to hear about it. Due to the starvation rations, when I started a treatment for Hepatitis C, my blood-count was so low the doctor included a drug to generate white-cell production.

The first injection killed my lung-function in two days, and I spent the next two months fighting to breathe, at which point I had to stop the treatment.and was permanently dependent on oxygen.

One day I was weighed, and I had lost fifteen pounds, 60lbs-45lbs. Finally, head-nurses thought maybe there was something wrong in the kitchen.–LMAO!

They accused me of turning back the trays, and I did plenty of that. I’m not a guy who turns my nose up at food.–But what they dumped on my tray was garbage I would not feed a dog.

There were so many pork, pasta and scavenger sea-food meals, that I ordered beef patties. Most of what they sent had no beef in them at all. One day I ripped one apart, and showed it to the head-nurse.

One day she decided that for one week, everytime I got a tray I refused, she would order the same thing in the cafeteria for her lunch. The first day she ordered what they sent me, they refused to let her have it.

So, I let her know it shows how unsafe it is for "human consumption"! I developed a stone in my bladder from that garbage, and that turned out to be a major event, getting rid of the stone.

"An internal survey showed that patient satisfaction with meals rose from 76 per cent to 92 per cent."

Surveys have a way of generating the results the surveyor wants. Most patients who are short-term, and haven’t had to deal with hospitals much are so thankful for the doctors for saving their lives, that they will say anything to please the surveyor.–Think about it!

"What’s more, the MUHC “remains in charge of our food service. So this sense that things will be privatized to a greater extent is not true.”"

What do they mean by that?–In charge! More than once through the years, the Nutritionists have told me that they really have no control over the kitchen. Their department is more involved with feeding-tube formulas, etc.

The many complaints I made to the Nutritionist in the past, got the same response.–Sodexho was in charge of the food, and garbage we eat!

In the past year and a half when they moved the kitchen from the Chest to the Children’s, Sodexho told me twice that they will not be buying potatoes any more. All they do is buy laboratory produced powder and water to serve as potatoes.

So, I challenge MUHC and Sodexho officials to eat the same stuff they force us to eat, on the same trays, the same shrunk plates, with the same rivers of water the utensils and soggy napkins arrive on.

Eat this way for 30 days!–And tell me about the high-quality of food!

Study raises concerns about food quality in Montreal’s superhospitals


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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