Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD Microbiologist): “Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon”



Does this dude look familiar to you? Most Americans and Canadians love to ignore or laugh at news priority information, and write it off as “CONSPIRACY THEORIES”!—That is why 9/11 happened, because when anything is in the news of great importance, dangerous people with money and guns restrict the mainstream media from doing their job.


This guy had just called a radio talk-show the previous day, to share information about the H1N1 vaccine, but the talk show host didn’t take him too seriously. 

Read the story! Get the wine, the beer and the popcorn! Sit back!—And watch the videos. This was posted August 20, 2009.


This guy has taken a total pounding with tear-gas, and it doesn’t seem to have accomplished anything on him.—And what does the news media report, because they don’t have anything to go on? They accuse him of mental problems.

If the mainstream is good at anything, they are good at running off at the mouth.—And making accusations about things they don’t know anything about.



If you will read the entire story by clicking on the links, you will see how the story the mainstream media tells, is a completely different account of the real situation. As a result, the crisis going on in the Ukraine is what Joseph Moshe was warning of.


I’ve just checked the Jane Burgermeister website, and sure enough, she documents everything in this report: 

Bio-research tends to be a dangerous profession for many scientists:

When I was going through the deaths of scientists, I noticed that some researchers who were murdered were actually developing things to counter bio-weapons.

Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD Microbiologist): “Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon”


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