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There has been alot of controversy and different versions of information surrounding the 2009 Swine-Flu’—H1N1 and the vaccine! Along with many other events going on behind most people’s backs, the Global-elite mob-bosses of the biggest corporations, the media, International Bankers, the Global Health-Care and Pharmaceutical Industry and the Military-Industrial Complex, have been passing laws most people don’t understand, and attempting to initiate a massive loss of life around the world.

After processing alot of information in different areas of interest, today I am coming to a conclusion, that as far as any attempt the Global-elite might have had in using the bio-engineering of H1N1 or the vaccine, to delete large amounts of the world population has failed.—That is good news!

To balance much of the information on the H1N1 puny little pandemic 6, I’m going to include the video interviews with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Blaylock:


Where I am, most people don’t believe in the least that H1N1 and the vaccine are a military project, for de-population. I refer to nurses, their assistants, recreation workers and volunteers. People here refuse to even consider that our government would do anything to endanger the lives and safety of Canadian citizens. This is a country where the CIA had full endorsements by Ottowa to conduct torture and experiments on psychiatric patients at the Alan Memorial Hospital, between the ‘1950s-60s, and parts of Canada have been unknowing guinea-pigs for pestilence experiments and chem-trail poisoning of our skies, but many Canadians don’t feel threatened by anything, except crimes such as rape, robbery and murder.

During this 2009 H1N1 overloaded propaganda and fear-mongering by the WHO (World un-Health dis-Organization), adult Canadians have lined-up like little children for their bio-weapon assault, to demonstrate that they don’t believe the cautions and warnings by alot of people, who have generated a much needed awareness campaign about the dangers involved.

In the course of processing as much information as possible relating to Globalization, and its agenda for de-population of the world, I take it very seriously what many of us have learned about the exposed documented plan and patent for the H1N1 vaccine in 2007, almost two years before the January 2009 release of the Swine-Flu’ virus:

“The following link is the most important. It shows that the original application was filed in 08/28/2007.”—Walter Burien!

During the years Mr. Burien was educating everyone who would pay attention, most people were more obscessed by the Global-elite media, warning everybody to stay off-line, because those on-liners don’t have a life. They warned everybody to only get “the news” from “official sources”! So, after all these years of their “official sources”, most people are oblivious to anything but their false sense of security and entertainment.

Aside from the sorry state of mainstream society, I appreciated reading Dr. Blaylock’s assessment of the H1N1 situation as it currently stands. The first thing I noted is that he clearly didn’t fall prey to being accused of just spouting-off information, because he waited until the results of studies have been published in the mainstream medical journals which are respected by all authorities.

After watching the embedded videos in this blog, I was better able to accept what I argued against, when talking things over with head-nurses where I live. They refuse to believe anything concerning H1N1 virus and the vaccine, being a biological weapon for de-population of countries. It triggered the same rejection in me, to hear the arguments that the people who die after being vaccinated, die from their underlying medical conditions.

This has been a common response in the media, and alot of us feel that it’s a cover for their agenda to de-populate the world. Most health-care workers such as doctors and nurses are too busy working on taking care of patients, to have time and energy to track down the leads of investigative-journalists on conspiracies. So, I don’t blame them for not being aware of the information many of us share.

Most doctors have to trust the drug companies they contract with, that the drugs they administer to their patients have actually gone through the proper protocols of research and development. Because of this, many health-care professionals are as much victims of Big-Pharma mob-bosses, as the rest of us.

As I paid close attention to the dialogue between Dr. Mercola and Dr. Blaylock, I started thinking about his reasoning along with the results of the tests, which take into account Australia and New Zealand. Their winter has now ended, and with it the winding down of flu’s season. What helps me realize the statements which most of us disagree with, centers around two factors:

  1. Dr. Blaylock is a veteran neuro-surgeon and specialist on the effects of drugs and nutrients on neuro-muscular diseases
  2. peer-reviewed data

It’s because of the well-documented evidence from the studies now being published, which changes my mind a certain amount. Let’s be practical! Everyone has a medical problem at some point in their life; alot of people have multiple medical defects, and when a person’s medical problem begins can be anytime from birth, and definitely before the age of forty years old.

Educated people in a higher economic status are more apt to maintain regular check-ups, and have a good relationship with their doctor. People who have lower-salary jobs, those on social-assistance, and lower level of education are less likely to see a doctor until they have no choice. Then, there are a category of people are considered hypochondriacs, who doctors can’t find what their problems are–or don’t want to!

Maybe alot of people think they are healthy, but in all honesty, alot of people do have medical problems they are living with, but don’t necessarily want to know about it. So, my point is that whether the H1N1 Flu’, its vaccine or any past or future virus or vaccine is used as a bio-weapon, a certain percentage of the population will suffer adverse reactions or die from it.

Therefore, I would like to see those who have filed lawsuits against everyone responsible for the H1N1 vaccine, to make sure those lawsuits don’t sit there and go nowhere, like the lawsuit Orly Taitz filed against Obama over a birth-certificate he doesn’t have. If there has ever been a case of anti-semetism, it is from the leftist communist judge and the lefty media who walk all over her, and get away with it.

From the data which Dr. Blaylock covers in detail, the good news is that twice in one year, the Global-elite mob-bosses who were not elected to be the Global Dark-World Order government have failed to succeed in their H1N1 agenda. The death toll is much less than all their projected statistics, in their hope of justifying military assault and round-up of all those who oppose their un-democratic government.


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I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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