Police: Woman found dead in nursing home was strangled | NECN


Exactly what kind of uncivilized barbarian is rotten enough to kill this old lady, when she is in such near perfect health as there is? Whoever pulled this woman’s murder does not deserve a fair trial. They sure can’t blame her for having inferior genes, can they? This murder shows that it doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, somebody somewhere thinks there is something to gain by getting rid of you.


This YouTube video shows her 100th birthday, out shopping, going out bowling and pretty much living a regular lifestyle at 100.—Yet somebody took on a mission to kill her.—I wonder why? There are any number of possible motives for it:

  1. the over-population scare-mongers
  2. relatives wanting her inheritance before they get too old
  3. the Duty-to-Die disciples of “Compassion and Choices”
  4. some weirdo stalker who saw her on the televison news
  5. the side-effects of Atheism and Secular eugenics philosophy

It used to be an honor to live to an old age.—However, after forty years of social parasites poisoning university, college and high-school students with morally handicapped doctrines of philosophy, people have been driven to accept opinions that the world is too crowded. They have been overcome by arguments that because medical technology has advanced, that it’s vital to survival to put time limits on people’s lives.

They threw God out, so they could replace God. Trans-humanism has been developed to hopefully help certain people escape death, by replacing failing body parts and organs with bionic and organic replacements. They can brag all they want that there is no God, and no life after death.—But ultimately, their real drive toward conquering death is because they are afraid of waking up somewhere, after they die. Some of these wanna-be supreme species feel that some people are so valuable, that they have a right, and deserve to live forever.—Idiots!

There are all kinds of reasons old people are being murdered, Disabled People are being murdered, homeless people are being murdered, and also First-Nations natives are being murdered.—So, I think it’s long overdue for people to return to philosophy which values human life, and crushes every law which has struck down moral values.

After all the belly-aching Duty-to-Die Societies have done that their terminally ill population suffers more excruciating, intolerable suffering mentally and physically than others in the same conditions, who had healthy attitudes toward suffering and dying, I think enough is enough. I think the years of debate are over. They have had their polls, and they have had their center stage.—And I think it’s way past time for them to shut-up!

They have so much money to lobby non-stop to legalize killing.—Yet they won’t use that same money to lobby for improvement in necessary services, more resources for palliative-care and spiritual guidance. These people are suffering more spiritually than anything else, but it’s a bitter road they chose in life. I’ve had to live through a few gruesome medical crises in my own life, but I don’t go on the warpath to legalize euthanasia.

As far as I can see, there is only one way to restore a healthy societal climate in this country or any other country.—And that is to strike down every law which has illegalized moral values! It is time to criminalize Secularism, in any area where Christians don’t dare say anything scriptural, or Biblical without verbal and legal fall-out that we “need to be sensitive”. “It is offensive to others who don’t share the same views”!—That’s just too bad for them.

Our problem is that we’ve been too sensitive; we have been too tolerant. It should have been spelled-out clearly by immigration departments of the U.S. and Canada, that anybody who comes here is expected to fully endorse and integrate with our cultural values. If they don’t want to, they can stay home.

Whatever can be done to change the cognitive behaviour of the Duty-to-Die movement should be pushed, because they are a sick bunch of puppies. Alot of the suffering they have to go through, is made worse by their attitudes. How can you have a healthy attitude, when you go through your life spitting in God’s face, and hope to not wake up after you die?

Science has never been able to prove, and probably never will, that people die and there is nothing after they die. On the other hand, science has never proven either, that people wake up after they die, and they live happily ever-after in the spirit world which we cannot see with physical eyes.

How I see this life, is that it is a valuable privilege to live in the boundaries of time as we know it. Once people die, I do not believe in reincarnation. After we finish this life, where we land has alot to do with how we lived here, and how we treated others. We should all strive to accommodate one another, and help one another to live as long as possible.

With trans-humanism, if science succeeds in breaking the death barrier—cool! However, I don’t think anybody has a right to put term limits on people’s lives. If these scare-mongers are so scared of running out of space to live, food, water, and all the necessary resources to sustain human existence, why are they cutting budgets in Space-Exploration, and developing ways to move life to another planet?

The lame excuse is money.—But money is just a farce! Money is nothing but a figment of our imagination, dictated to us by The Money-Masters! If the Global-elite tyrants really thought there was a problem, their number-crunchers would reorganize the economic structure in favor of the Space-industry.

So, has the Space program only been a Hollywood stage performance, ever since the movie and television industry began?—Or does it really have something legitimate? If it does not, then I think science itself needs to be investigated. Several departments of science are so questionable, it’s almost more believable to believe in Santa-Clause and the tooth-and-the-fairy!

Two of the biggest farces are:

  • Evolution
  • Al Gore’s Global-Warming

I’m glad that there are real scientists—not just scam artists! Let the real science departments be better supplied, and let Evolution and Global-Warming be shutdown. The researchers are better needed in other fields, and Al Gore’s cult can pay back everything they have stolen from tax-payers for generations.

Being realistic, I don’t believe half the statistical data which is published, concerning the planetary overload of population and the scarcity of sustainable resources. Besides bloated egos, alot of supposed experts don’t have much honesty to be trusted. I think it is time that the Christian culture and Caucasian race need to get into bed, have babies and become responsible parents and educators. We came from God, and I don’t care if someday scientists can make a human body.—God creates our souls!

Let us change the Culture of Death, at least not let them have center-stage any more! We need to value life, and take care of people during end-of-life!


Police: Woman found dead in nursing home was strangled | NECN


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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