YouTube – Muslim Demographics: The Islamic Tidal Wave



What you are might not be any of my business.—But what I am, is a Christian! I don’t care if I live up to anybody’s image of a Christian, but I am a Christian. Throughout my whole life Christians have been mentally conditioned that openly being a Christian is “offensive” to others, and we “need to be sensitive” to others. Sad to say, there is alot of truth to the accusations. There are Christians who are so full of themselves, and have such a high opinion of themselves and how religious they are, they make God sick!—I’m pretty sure about that. Alot of other Christians go through their life in secret, in case it offends somebody that they are a Christian.

However, I can say the same about Islam. Some of those muslims are such retarded dumb-fucks, that they think they have a right to go on the rampage anywhere in the world murdering Christians.—Just because Christians prayed with muslims to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior! I’ve got news for those embocile desert savages: Jesus Christ came to die for sin!—Your prophet Mohammed didn’t! You can have your “prophet”.—I’ve got the Son of God, the Messiah!

Christians are expected to wear the blame for the historians’ accusations concerning the Christian Crusades, although the history writers just happened to be the Christians’ enemies. Christians wear the blame for all the wars of the past 100 years, and they never flinch a muscle to challenge the lies!—They just accept it. They never openly challenge the accusations of anything, and basically just resign to their fate—a bunch of pussies and wimps! If there ever was some element of truth that the Christians went on the rampage slaughtering barbarians, I guess maybe they woke up to the stupidity of false humility.—Thinking it was their obligation to just let desert savages walk all over them, and massacre them. Maybe they got fed up like me, and gave it serious consideration about some scriptures by Apostle Paul and Timothy.

The day Peter sliced a guy’s ear off, Jesus made an important point. He said, if his kingdom were of this world, then would his servants fight. At the time, if the disciples had waged a bloody war to protect Jesus from being arrested, it would have interfered with the purpose God sent him here for. Jesus had completed his three year mission, to let the whole world at that time, all Israel, personally witness his presence. He had to teach everybody he could what was most important, and also display alot of evidence that he is who the Old Testament prophets prophesied would come to save Israel.—Not just the Jews! What?—He didn’t come to just save “Jews”?

This is another problem within Christianity. The theologians don’t teach much of the information they should be teaching, both in the dept. of Religious Studies in universities, and in the Bible colleges.—Therefore, all you have are predominantly under-educated pastors and evangelists, who carry on a 52 week curriculum of structured sermons, which never change year after year. The reason Christians have failed to block the overthrow of Christianity in the past fifty years, is because since WWII the standards of living have spoiled us, and made most Christians complacent, apathetic and selfish.

The problem of many Christians is they actually accept the accusations against us, because they just assume it must be so because somebody said it.—Some “expert”! The historians have really got it made with Christians; they can say anything they want about Christians, and many Christians just drag through their lives feeling persecuted, sorry for all that they believe they are guilty of historically, and today!—The War on Terror! Christians feel so humble, and are proud to be persecuted for righteousness’ sake, when alot of it is mere persecution for stupidity.

Our enemies have passed law after law after law against anything which smacks of Christian traditions, Christian landmarks, and even Christian moral values.—And the Christians did absolutely nothing, because they felt that they were obligated to allow the laws to be passed. Point-blank!—Christians don’t have any balls! Christians have allowed themselves to depend on theologians to be the know-it-all experts to lead the church, and in the process, all they really have gotten from pastors is alot of meaningless stuff in the Epistles of the New Testament, and to say, “praise the Lord”!—“Hallelujah”! It’s important to praise God, and be thankful to Jesus for coming into this world for us. However, Christians need to take more responsibility than just going to church on Sunday.

Tonight, October 5,2009, I saw on CNN where Lou Dobbs covered a story on a parasite ACLU lawyer. He went out to the Mojave Desert where a cross has stood on Federal Government land since WWI. The older couple whose family put it there, are taking the case to the Supreme Court. Just ten days ago today, Muslims assembled an expected 50,000 Muslims to pray on Federal Government property.—Where was that icky-sticky big-shot lawyer to quote SEPARATION OF MOSQUE AND STATE that day, September 25?

Who is willing to get out there and take the cover off that cross?—And piss on the Supreme Court!


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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