YouTube – INADVERTENTLY CONFIRMED BY RABBI! Jesus Gave us the name of the Antichrist.




Somebody tried to discredit this rabbi’s explanation, but I guess he didn’t pay attention to the text on the screen. The rabbi’s role was to hopefully discredit the video’s findings, for

Personally, after twenty years of involvement with the religious cult now known as The Family International, I am a skeptic of people’s constant new discoveries in eschatology, after so many have been fruitless. Still, I pay attention to the details of new discoveries, and believe that everybody should be open to potential information.

The main point of debate here, is when he gets to Ephesians 2:2. Is he using Hebrew words, or Greek? The New Testament is in Greek—not Hebrew! The words he gives are “Dunamis” and “Exousia”, as he poses his theory of meaning between Luke 10:18 and Ephesians 2:2. The 1611 version of the King James Bible is the only translation I use, because the newer versions and translations of the Bible have been screwed over, and some have even deleted entire references to Jesus Christ being the “only begotten Son of God”, “the Son of Man”, and many alterations of scripture which are inconsistent with the original manuscripts.

There are people who use research to claim the Pope is the Anti-Christ. So, when I see people using research to claim and insinuate that Obama is the Anti-Christ, what other predictions are going to be made about who the Anti-Christ is?—And what kind of reactions will it generate?

Alot of gurus come out of the Dept. of Religious Studies. Some people want to be recognized as “prophets”, but for the wrong reasons. Brain-stuffed Nostradamus academics waste their lives and lucrative grants, trying to accurately interpret one of his prophecies before it happens, in the hopes that the world will greatly praise and decorate them for interpreting the future before it happens.

However, Nostradamus’ intellectual interpreters are an example, that never have any prophecies been interpreted accurately, until after they happened.—So, they should do the right thing for the economy. They should dump all those stuffed-head Nostradamus academics, and give all the grants to me, Dr. Ironsides. Don’t laugh, either. Our world economy is in peril, and I need to be paid retro-actively for many years of information. By the way, I also deserve bonuses.—OK?

Pentecostal wanna-be prophets are some of the worst. I’ve been to meetings where everything was pretty much pre-arranged who would speak in tongues, and only the pre-organized prophet in the audience would deliver the interpretation. Although I don’t totally discredit real prophecy from God, if he really does give someone a prophecy, vision or dream, both in evangelical churches and The Family International I experienced too many show-offs! The subtle psychology behind it is:

‘Wow!—Aren’t I great? Look what I did; look who God spoke through’! There were times when I noticed that whatever was being prophesied, benefitted “the prophet”, and nobody else. Now, ask yourself: is that what “the good shepherd” did?

Another thing I don’t like, is the cognitive tendency some people have, that they have to somehow help bring about these events. This type of rationale leads to attempted assassination of Popes, such as Pope John Paul II.—A very good leader, though I think he seemed to bow to the Globalist tyrants’ policies through the years. Pope John Paul II stood his ground on the Terri Schiavo case, and he definitely deserves credit for emphasizing the sanctity of human life.

Concerning Obama, if there is any truth to mainstream news at all, I think I’ve heard on CNN or elsewhere that there have been assassination attempts on his worthless existence. Obama’s puppeteer would be happy with such announcements, because it would justify more police-state control over everybody. So, I think that wanna-be prophecy fulfillers should get off their kick!

Whoever the real Anti-Christ is, at whatever time in history God is ready, the real Anti-Christ won’t need Christians’ help to get into power. He also won’t need Christians to work hard at assassinating him, or making fools out of themselves by not accomplishing their goal. God’s word does not even say that the Anti-Christ is assassinated!—It only says that he receives a deadly wound, and it gets healed.

It’s been many years since I studied and taught Bible Prophecy in The Family International (formerly the Children of God), and I can’t dig alot of scriptures up to make a few points right now.—Neither am I interested in it. However, throughout history it seems that Satan was abased in his position and power, from being Lucifer the highest authority among the Archangels, to the fallen Angel. In spite of being the “Fallen Angel”, he has always had free reign to go between Earth and Heaven. He is the chief prosecutor against all people to God, in Heaven! This is evident in Job’s situation.

Satan would stomp around accusing Job of all kinds of things, and needed to ask God’s permission to hammer Job with one kind of attack after another. It turned out that Job, like all of us, had self-righteousness.—However, Job defeated Satan by having faith in God. As a result, he didn’t curse God and die, like that bitch wife of his demanded that he do.

Does this shatter any Christians’ fairy fantasy of what Heaven really is like? Contrary to what most people think, there is war in Heaven.—Satan has been on the warpath against every baby from the split-second of conception, against every human being on the planet, except those who surrender their lives to Satanist cults. Yes, Heaven is where God’s real people go after they die. They are forever protected from the Devil and his forces, and they do find rest from all the evil which poisons this world.—However, until the very split-second the Anti-Christ arises from the dead, from “the deadly wound which was healed” (Revelation 13), he is not the Anti-Christ!

What makes the guy whose “deadly wound was healed” become the Anti-Christ is this:

Satan and one third of the angels of Heaven are finally cast out onto the Earth, and they lose their access to come and go between Heaven and Earth. Satan will possess the guy with the “deadly wound which was healed”. He rises from the dead, and is a new man—Satan himself! As such, Satan can only be in one place at a time, just like everybody else.

These events begin the Great Tribulation, which lasts exactly 1260 days. There are several different means different scriptures use to describe the same period. Anything I’m sharing can be checked out:

Daniel 7-9; Daniel 11; Revelation 6,11-13,17-19

At the end of the Great Tribulation, Jesus Christ reveals himself. Christians who have been dead, raise from their graves around the world, and finally the Christians who are alive at the end, all ascend with the others.—Everyone ascends with Jesus to Heaven, and receive immortal bodies.

Seventy or seventy-five days later, Jesus Christ comes down here with the Saints.—And the real Battle of Armageddon is waged on the Earth! It will be swift, and bloody!—The river of blood, 750,000,000 dead. When Armageddon, (not stupid Harry Truman’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki incineration of Christians) is over, the DARK-WORLD ORDER of the Anti-Christ will be de-globalized.

Jesus Christ is going to restore every nation’s autonomy. Jesus will be the King of kings for the next 1,000 years!

YouTube – INADVERTENTLY CONFIRMED BY RABBI! Jesus Gave us the name of the Antichrist.


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I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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