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       Dear (Name of Member of Parliament)

        STOP Bill C-384




I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis at
Neepawa, Manitoba. It s not rare to hear
situations where some doctors forecast that
myself and other disabled kids, would not live
one year. Then, they would revise it to three
years, and finally in my case, fifteen years
old. Today, the medical profession is being
polluted by more doubting doctors and nurses
than ever. This negativity has taken root
because either they cater to the Duty-to-Die
movement.–Or, medical colleges have been
inflitrated by the Duty-to-Die cult. There is so
much doubt now about a person s right to live,
in ICU s and in baby delivery units. Babies who
are diagnosed with any birth-defect are killed
on the spot in some hospitals, and now it s so-
called "ethical" instead of murder. People who
land in ICU s in some hospitals now, where hope
of "instant recovery" from a coma or brain
damage is impossible, are finished-off under the

People s lives today under the DARK-AGES WORLD
ORDER are worth nothing, and the time for people
to heal and recover from severe car injuries or
trauma to the brain, is cut short to free up
beds. Cost-effective they call it, and those of
us who got involved with Terri Schiavo s case,
and then Samuel Golobochuk s case, learned how
hard the Duty-to-Die white-coat militants used
various tactics psychologically, to get their
way. Samuel Golobochuk in Winnipeg had terminal
lung cancer during 2008, but wanted to die from
natural causes. The Judge agreed that Mr.
Golobochuk had the right to have basic nutrients
and fluids until he died naturally.

Everywhere euthanasia/assisted-suicide laws have
been passed, their campaigns all were built on
empty promises of "safeguards against the
slippery-slope"! Everywhere they get their law
passed, the killings begin; soon the involuntary
killings increase in number, and never has
anyone been tried and convicted, sentenced to
death or life in prison without parole. Once
they get their LAW, cold-blooded killers have a
free-for-all. The Terri Schiavo case showed how
much reporting is destroyed, just to cover the
Duty-to-Die white-coat militants  butts.

One minute Yves Robert says:  鄭voiding the
debate contributes to the general hypocrisy
around this issue. To say that it doesn t happen
because it is illegal is completely stupid."
Yet, with deceptive ways of demanding a
euthanasia LAW, he pretends to go on a debate
path about a doctor s role in "accompanying"
terminally ill people with dignity and medical
assistance.–Sorry dude!


 Ever since I studied the history of euthanasia,
I decided that I would be relentless at
saying "NO LAW" to legalize euthanasia. Nancy
Crick, an earlier Australian martyr for the
cause, turned out to not even have cancer. She
paraded around the country like a green-beret on
a mission for death, and when she got her
heart s desire, it turned out that all she had
was some medical problem which was treatable,
and she could have benefitted from pain-

Approximately eight months before Jack Kevorkian
was due for release, his lawyer cried to the
Judge to release him early. Poor Jacky had less
than seven months to live, and he deserved to
enjoy at least a little quality of life before
he died.–The Judge said, no! I think what poor
cancer-ridden (?) ol  Jack really wanted, was to
attend the World Federation of Duty-to-Die
Societies, which was soon after held at Toronto.
Anyway, the news photographs made ol  Kevorkian
appear like a poor, frail little ol  man
unjustly imprisoned. He served his full prison
term, and did not croak! Since the day poor ol
Jacky Kevorkian left prison, there has never
been a mention that I have heard or read of,
concerning his cancer. All I learned, was he has
been on a lucrative lecture circuit, He s on a
role to educate everybody on killing!–In fact,
last year he announced that he was running for
Congress in Michigan. So, quite honestly, I
don t like this sympathy trip and mind-game
being played on citizens by the Culture of
Death. They are the most sleazy liars the planet

Oregon began boasting that their law proved that
there is no slippery-slope, and it is what
Francine Lalonde still claims, while Oregon
state officials acknowledge that nobody knows
the real death toll in Oregon. Any "official
reports" are controlled by the executioners.
They even have "suicide" confused with "murder"
in Oregon. They started denying medical coverage
for cancer treatments, to anybody who could not
guarantee they ll live another five years. They
inform their patients to take the "suicide
meds". They are not "suicide drugs" at all.–
Point-blank! They are "bio-weapons"! Everyone
who is refused the cancer treatments, and being
forced by the state to die by the drugs, are
being murdered by Oregon state authorities!–
They should all be prosecuted retroactively.

I think the Canadian government has been a real
leader and role model for the world, that
palliative-care and pain management is what
people need if they have serious medical
challenges.–And I would hate to see that
change. It s just plain common sense that people
who really do have 24/7 intolerable pain, need
high-levels of pain-management, even if at one
point their heart can t take it any longer.
Never before the Duty-to-Die Societies were born
did doctors have to fear prosecution.  Since it
has been thoroughly addressed, there is no
excuse to let the Death Cult get their LAW!
Every law they have gotten passed, has become
their licence to murder people, and not pay the

STOP BILL C-384! No more Kill-Bills


       Robert Greig

       3650 St. Urbaine

       H2X 2P4

email: ironsides@videotron.ca
mobile: 514-585-6265


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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