Pro-Con | Does Bill O’Reilly share responsibility for George Tiller’s murder? – Kansas City Star




When I consider that Henry Morgantelar, the famous Canadian abortionist denounced late-stage abortion, I think he earned a measure of respect. He is a highly controversial figure in Canada, or used to be until abortion became pretty much a cultural sport, just like killing off ducks, geese and moose during hunting season.



After the assassination of  George Tiller, the abortion militants have gone after Bill O’Reilly and Randall Terry with a vengeance. Anybody who doesn’t support the abortion culture are the enemy.

Liars with money and influence have conditioned every area of society possible to feel and believe that abortion is something special for women, and that abortion gives women a feeling of power over their own bodies. A younger generation has been born and grew up with the lies by false public educators, that unborn babies are just embryos, fetuses and things—not unborn babies! Self-serving theologians joined the propaganda scam decades ago, to insist that nobody knows exactly when an embryo, fetus or baby actually becomes a “human being”.

Although I’m a heterosexual male, I feel sorry for many teenagers and young women who have been forced into abortion clinics to save their snobby parents from embarrassment, poverty, etc. I don’t feel sorry for snuffy chicks who get laid by dudes they know will be irresponsible fathers. Women who prefer to use birth control, and force their partner to use birth control, is reasonable for women who don’t want to get pregnant.—However, I am pro-life and against euthanasia of unborn babies!—Abortion!

Roe vs. Wade was the first step for the Culture of Death, in its war against the human population. As time passes, people get adjusted to accepting and tolerating criminal activity, even if it is legalized. Few people have any conscience after criminal acts become legalized. After legalized crime is accepted by society, then anyone who dares speak against legalized criminal elements is deemed a hate-monger. If a soldier or officer takes out one of the officers of the Culture of Death, they are immediately labeled a “terrorist”, and a “cold-blooded murderer”. 




After seeing alot of pro-abortionists, even in Disability Rights circles blame people like Bill O’Reilly and Randall Terry, indirectly for George Tiller’s fate, I support what Randall Terry stated:

George Tiller himself is responsible for his own fate.

There was a real rampage of tempers and accusations last week, and pro-lifers having to explain how non-violent they really are, and how the believe the way to stop abortion is with dialogue, peaceful demonstrations and so on. The pro-abortionists ramble on proclaiming how non-violent George Tiller was, and how great he was.—Oh, yeah? How many thousands of late-stage abortions did he execute?

No, abortionists aren’t violent. They just carry out whatever procedures necessary to initiate the abortion, and then they just asphyxiate each thing, since they don’t consider it a baby. Oh, suffocating aborted things is OK, because abortionists think babies (oops!—things can’t feel). This itself demonstrates how unintelligent people are today. But, this is the lifestyle of the so-called “liberal???”, “open-minded???” and “tolerant???” leftist social-elite!

Stage 1 for the Culture of Death, was the Abortion agenda.

Stage 2 is Euthanasia/Assisted-Suicide.

After the 2005 Easter 13 day torture and dehydration execution of Terri Schindler, it wasn’t long before the euthanasia warlords were boasting that soon, Americans would welcome assisted-suicide as they now welcome abortion.

Pro-Con | Does Bill O’Reilly share responsibility for George Tiller’s murder? – Kansas City Star


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I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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