Suan Boyle signs with U2 guru Ossie Kilkenny –


After seeming to come out of nowhere, and landing on televison in front of the entire world, a lady who really is a symbol of the most resented and isolated type of people anywhere, became the world famous super singer, Susan Boyle. 

This link is an example of what I mean by resented and isolated. Look what developmentally disabled women have to live with.—And this guy who aired his dirty laundry about rejecting her love is anything but honest. He claims that he rejected her advances, because of the age difference.—What alot of bull! He rejects her simply because he’s not physically attracted to her.

He’s probably hoping that by publishing those statements, some hot babe will check him out.—Dream-on, dude! If Susan Boyle did really go after him, he should be honest about it instead of lying to her that he’s concerned about the age difference.—She’d get the point, and back-off!

Is there something wrong with Susan Boyle trying to get a boyfriend? I think it’s called “normal”, when somebody goes after somebody they like, or at least make an attempt to see if there is compatability between you.

The song which started it all, was when her audition included the song “Cry Me A River”!

The UK’s equal to American Idol is the Britain’s Got Talent Show. She made it all the way to second place, but lost out to Diversity. You have to admit, Diversity had a pretty good teamwork to put on a real power-packed performance. For Susan Boyle to make it to second place was anything but a failure.

However, it didn’t take long for people with the most contempt for anybody like Boyle, to really run with it. With losing, and whatever happened after the show, it led to a nervous breakdown. Since then, a few media trash-bags who would overlook any other high profile person’s off-limits problems, zeroed-in on Boyle’s behaviour and tarnished her image. 

To make things worse, just as she is recovering from this roller-coaster of emotions from being unknown to a star, she gets trashed and evicted from her home by the town council. Just read the ol’ goon Scottish town councillor.—Ah, ya can’t make it oot, ‘cause the goon speak in Gaelic! Ay!—My mother was from Scotland! Horrible place! Look how he talks about Susan Boyle. He’s jealous that she got a break, to escape poverty and become a celebrity.

Susan Boyle

It seems that she has professional help she needs to help her adjust in her life. Due to her disability, she really is going to need someone who specializes in Developmental Disabilities. Show-biz people can chalk up a pretty tight schedule, and they’ll have to be flexible to learn how much she’s capable of, and to know her limits.

Now, just how did this witty lady end up with solid contracts, and get into this level of success? It turns out that Susan Boyle’s niece is a well connected entertainment and media lawyer, in London. It was her who met Ossie Kilkenny, the former show-business accountant for U2! Between Simon Cowell and Kilkenny, Susan Boyle is going to release her first album and be in show-business!

Like anybody else, Susan Boyle will learn as she goes. This is going to help alot of other people in her circumstances that there are doors which open sometimes. Show business is just one of those doors. I just hope that she will learn quickly what will help her be stable emotionally, and to not give people a chance to drag her down. So far, she is off to a good start!

Suan Boyle signs with U2 guru Ossie Kilkenny –

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I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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