Disabled People’s Treatment by the Dark-Ages World Order


Alot of people think Disabled People live in a bubble, where they are catered to like pet puppies. They also have wild ideas that Disabled People could never have a better life, than living off tax-payers. Most people don’t know a disabled person, and they have funny ideas about what Disabled People look like.

Historically, social-engineers have made sure to maintain policies which guarantee the segregation of most of our population. These elite pompous philosophers, sociologists and gene-supremists think their genes are better than anyone else’s.—So, they always promote social and economic policies which reflect their prejudices and ignorance.

Although there now is a percentage of Disabled People who have been born and grew up in middle and upper-class families, and were able to get educated and find employment, most of us never qualify for higher-education and employment.

Governments are not too eager to adopt economic policies which would regulate the costs involved in integrating Disabled People with mainstream society. As a result, most of us have no alternative to living in long-term care institutions, or living on the streets and jail.

Those of us who are born with birth defects require medical intervention, at least for a period of time during childhood, and alot of us reach the stage where we go on with our lives. Although as a minority our situations and circumstances are as varied as our individual personalities, governments have all of us reduced to medical objects.

Even when I rented a high-rise apartment for a few years, and had home-care workers, home-care workers considered me to be “a patient”, instead of “a client”. Instead of a separate system of home-care workers from the health-care system, all the governments will make available are the same resources for health-care and Independent Living! Some home-care workers work also in hospitals with “patients”.—So, how do you get away from the image of “a patient”, and “a medical case”?

Ignorant and arrogant as alot of policy-makers are, there is a big difference between a “disabled person” and a “sick person”! Through the years I have had people tell me that “Disabled People are sick”. They have said that “our disabilities are a sickness”. Trying to convince some people that, “no, I am disabled but not sick, not today anyway” is impossible.

Their minds are made up, because the eungenics movement drives the agenda. My birth defect, I learned, is not even genetic; I’ll just bet that alot of other Disabled People’s disabilities are not genetic, either. With that said, most people even who work in health-care jobs, don’t know that there is a difference between disability and disease.

There are people who have a disabling disease, and Disabled People do get sick.—Just like undisabled people get sick. In view of the facts, governments are ruled by fear-mongers who are afraid that Disabled People will contaminate them. So, central bankers and social policies are geared toward pressuring public opinion to legalize mass-executions.—Oh, sorry! We just took another $hundred$ $billion$ out of circulation to help increase more cutbacks. Now are you ready to legalize mass-executions of “the useless eaters”?


If we are not perceived as untouchable, Disabled People are considered good punching-bags! You can watch the below video clips to get the point:


There are people in power who need to be removed, and our minority needs the same equal rights, which have been afforded to African-Americans and the gay/lesbian minorities!


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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