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The Miss USA Pageant has turned into a farce, unless a young woman is a self-righteous opportunist who caters to Sodomite/Lesbian supremists, and you reject moral and ethical values as presented in the Bible. The social-elite have a separate Bible, and it is the sacred scriptures of Political Correctness! If you dare step out of line with Political Correctness, the social-elite will guarantee that you are a marked target until the day you die.

Carrie Prejean was asked a question, which should have allowed her to state her personal convictions.—And she did! She learned real quick that the Miss U.S.A. pageant was a political pageant—not a beauty pageant. I think all real Christian women learned also, that beauty pageants are controlled by the land of “Sodom, California!”

This clip is awesome. Here is the level of psychiatric disorders most Americans (he claims to speak for) are suffering from. That’s right!—He claims to be speaking on your behalf, AMERICANS! It looks like he does, because he was never fired from being on the panel; he was never disciplined in any way, and Perez Hilton was never ordered to apologize for his sickening behavior.

Watch this video clip a second time, and really pay attention to how he behaves. He boasts that he would have gone onto the stage, and ripped her hair off, if they hadn’t stripped her of the crown. He is backed up by the entire Gay/Lesbian community, because if he wasn’t, they have a responsibility to condemn him for what he has done.

If anyone in the entire Gay/Lesbian community world-wide who know about that show, ever want to be respected as good standing citizens of any country, I think they had better condemn Perez Hilton. They had better demand that he is removed from his throne in the media, to spew his filthy, sickening Sodomite hatred for heterosexuals. If they don’t, they might have to pay the price, because even a Sodomite on a show in the UK issued a threat to Carrie Prejean.

Perez Hilton nor any other Queer has a place judging a beauty pageant for women. He’s a filthy, dirty, sickening pig who hates girls sexually. All he lusts after is sticking his filthy dick in boys’ asses, and mixing it with all the faeces.—That’s right!—Shit! If I had a pet dog, I would not let him stick his dick in a dog’s ass.

Every Sodomite in North America had better learn something right now.—It was only in the last fifteen years or so that gay-bashing stopped, and more and more Sodomites were allowed to come out of their closets. They never said “thankyou”, did they? Alot of them never just accepted their place in society, but have progressively used propaganda and cultural bull-shit, to push themselves into a place where they are “superior” to heterosexuals. In the process, heterosexuals are being raped and killed by gay/lesbians, and heterosexuals are supposed to “be tolerant”.

Well, I think the day is now over!

After what he did at the pageant, and then his YouTube verbal attack on her, he went on MSNBC to lie through his dirty ass that he wasn’t attacking her for having a personal opinion. He rambled on that it was because as Miss U.S.A. her answer should have represented “all AMERICANS”.—And that is bull-shit! If girls in a pageant can’t answer a question from their personal question, especially the question of “legalizing same-sex marriage”, then it is not a beauty pageant! It makes it a political pageant!


Donald Trump pretty much owns the beauty pageants, and he agrees that Carrie Prejean had every right to answer the question she was given, the way she did. What I don’t like about Trump’s overall handling of the show is, the pageants are so self-righteous, and a double-standard. The double standard is even illustrated by not firing or even disciplining Peres Hilton, for his behavior.

Donald Trump and whoever else makes the rules make an issue, because when she was a model she showed a little skin. I went to the website and looked at the supposedly over-the-edge photos, and they are not the least bit pornographic at all. Get with it, Trump.—You push all these hot, fleshy beauty pageants every year, and at the same time you want to act like some ultra-conservative priest of decency! LOL!


Carrie Prejean Miss California | Searching Videos for "Miss California" | Veoh


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I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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