Doctors face orders to ‘kill on demand’


After re-reading this article this morning, I saw something which I feel could spell the death of the term “assisted-suicide”! I truly think that lawyers should go after this term, and have it renamed “assisted-death”! “Assisted-suicide” is really just a play of words to reduce the severity of the crime being committed. A person who is incapable of committing suicide requests help to be killed, and the help or assistance is necessary for the intentional killing of the person.

This is a much more fitting term than “suicide”, because Oregon is a good example of the big lie. The various terms the Culture of Death want to give euthanasia, regardless of all their oceans of lying propaganda and debates, always ends with the mass killing of people against their own choices. Oregon didn’t waste time in escalating their legalized killing-machine, to becoming the solution to their health-care costs. Cancer patients started being refused cancer treatments, because euthanasia drugs are cheaper.

Any Oregon citizens who are being pushed euthanasia drugs are not committing suicide.—They are being murdered by the state of Oregon. The drugs are not “assisted-suicide” medication; it is a lie! All cancer patients who are being refused treatment, and prescribed euthanasia drugs are being murdered.—State sanctioned murder!

Now that the Culture of Death are legal in Oregon and Washington State, a First District Court Judge named Dorothy McCarter in Montana legalized assisted-death, without recognition of doctors’ rights to refuse to participate. Some old cry-baby trucker had leukemia, and it seems that he got his court order, for every doctor to be under orders to kill anybody who sqwauks like a chicken. ‘Ohhhhhhh, please!—I want to die with dignity.—Booo-hooo! Feel sorry for me’!

The Duty-to-Die militants were right there, and their legal team were on the job to legalize killing in Montana. They got so cocky, the judge pulled another Judge Greer episode. She took it on herself to be a 1-woman show in legalizing euthanasia, with her friends in Death! In her law, doctors have no protection and no way out. Montana’s law wasn’t drafted by legislators.—It was put together by Dorothy McCarter, and the Duty-to-Die terrorist group.

For all those people who go running to the Duty-to-Die evangelists, because you’ve sucked in their poison to feel that they will help you “die with dignity”, you deserve the tortured end to your life alot of your other friends have well-earned. Some of those suckers thought their deaths would be, ohhhhh, so peaceful! Ha! What some of those gullible suckers got was anything but a peaceful death. Oh well, they got what they deserved.

Imagine this guy, a big-shot ol’ trucker!—Scared little chicken! You normally associate truckers as being real macho guys. ‘Hey, man!—Don’t mess wth me, or I’ll punch your lights-out’! All these Culture of Death customers and supporters repeat the same boring lines, to justify legalizing euthanasia:

  • Oh, it’s only for those who want it!
  • There are safeguards!
  • If anyone was killed against their will, Americans would rise up!

What a bunch of bullshit!


Doctors face orders to ‘kill on demand’


About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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