Man On Life-Support Wanted Dead!–Not Alive!

Recently, the above Op-Ed by Hugh Anderson resulted in a real smear by people in their online Comments forum against Mr. Anderson, and against the only comments which were opposing euthanasia.–And when it came to my comments, well, they refused to post them. I even posted them a second time, but, the Gazette just could not handle the heat.
Since that time, I’ve been checking occasionally to see any follow-up. Today, a patient’s (who is on life-support)  mother came to tell me about a reply in yesterday’s paper, by a hate-monger named Peter Blaikie. At first his mom didn’t want her son to see it, but I said it’s people like him who need to fire away. She could not find it, and later, I came back here to look it up.
First, I’ll put the link to the Letter to the Editor by Alex Stavropoulos, the man I thought initially was on life-support.
Now, the link by an angry, bitter Peter Blaikie.
"Being of an essentially charitable nature,…"!–That is how Mr. Blaikie describes himself. Oh, my!–What it is to have a big heart, and be ever so modest! Here is the "charitable nature" of Mr. Blaikie:
"more particularly in Quebec, where the health-care system is already under enormous pressure, and taxpayers already overburdened, that view is unacceptable." Wow!–What a charitable nature!
Exactly what view "is unacceptable"?:
"Being of sound mind and body, I do hereby declare my steadfast commitment and irrevocable desire to cling to life with every available means – medical technological or miraculous – even if everyone else around me disagrees…For those around me who declare themselves unable to cope with my decision or my suffering, might I suggest that they consider euthanasia for themselves. After all it’s their misery not mine."
Mr. Stavropoulos himself is not on life-support.–But I see he speaks for alot of people who are on life-support right now, and his letter illustrates the importance that such people should not be ashamed of it. To me, it’s the difference between being civilized, and a barbarian! I’ve been on life-support a few times since 1993, until I recovered from respiratory failures. Since that time I have gotten to know a few patients here, and I know about a few other chronic-care patients elsewhere, who have required life-support for many years, some of them.–They need life-support to live, and people on life-support have as much right to live their lives as the crime-bosses who control currency manipulation.
Since the Terri Schiavo torture and court-ordered execution just for being disabled, somebody who was not even on "life-support", all the disability-cleansers are just-a-rockin’ to kill us all off–life-support or not! The one fundamental basic they hang on, is blaming us for the tax-payers’ burden.
Maybe somebody should check on Peter Blaikie’s tax records, to see if he’s paid as much as he owes.–Oh, wouldn’t that be a pressure-cooker? Let’s see Revenu Quebec check the tax records of the entire Duty-to-Die Societies’ cult following here in Quebec.
To top it off, there is another Letter to the Editor which is very good, also, by Kathryn Sawyer.

About Ironsides

I was born in 1951 with Arthrogryposis, developed scoliosis at ten years old, but travelled alot and worked in several countries with a religious cult. All my adult life I have had to live with others, and after three respiratory-failures I had to move into a long-term care institution.
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